Ford Bronco Hybrid rumor supported by possible leaked owner's manual

Is the Bronco Hybrid Really Happening?

we did Hearing Rumors of Hybrid Edition Nothing has been clarified about Ford’s recently revived Bronco for some time, and yet by the Blue Oval, a possible leaked Bronco owners manual. Found by Bronco6G Forum and Reported by Autoblog on Wednesday The rumor appears to be confirmed.

Specifically, there is a passage in the owner’s manual that states:

We recommend the following actions for your vehicle: When your vehicle is stored for more than 30 days, the charge state should be approximately 50%. Additionally, we recommend disconnecting the 12-volt battery, which will reduce the system load on the battery.

That passage comes from a section called “Hybrid Battery Systems,” so, yes, unless it’s a massive copy-editing fail, a completely fake owner’s manual cooked up by the internet or a deliberately disruptive one by Ford. campaign (unlikely), then the projected 2022 launch date for the Bronco Hybrid may not be too far away.

Other Rumors Say Bronco Hybrid Can make 450 horsepower, which would be wild because that’s what F-150 Raptor Its twin-turbo EcoBoost V6.

We asked Ford for comment, but did not hear back in time for publication.

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