Best Chromebook 2021 Experience the best of what Google's Chrome OS has to offer with one of these laptops or two-in-ones.

a Chromebook one is laptop and two in one Which runs on Google’s web browser based Chrome operating system. Chromebooks may seem like they’ve popped up out of nowhere over the years, but they just celebrated my 10th birthday. They offer a different and comparatively minimalistic experience from MacOS and Windows laptop. If you spend your life on the web and don’t need to install Windows or Mac software, a Chromebook is a solid choice. (Here’s Everything You Can and Can’t Compare to a Traditional Laptop If you’re not sure if one is right for you.)

Chromebooks are generally more affordable than MacBooks, Windows PCs, and iPads. However, as Chrome OS has evolved to include the use of Android apps from the Google Play Store and Linux software, you’ll now find premium models with faster processors, more memory, and faster storage. They are more expensive, but lighter, thinner and generally have better battery life. Some even have touch screens. the fact is, Chromebooks Are a Better Fit for Too Many People than a Mac or Windows laptop, and they are my go-to recommendation for a basic computing experience.

Laptop vs Chromebook: What’s the Difference and Which Works Better for You

Below, you’ll find the best Chromebook picks we reviewed. Each is chosen independently by our editors. However, we’ll note that if there’s a specific set of specifications you’re looking for, whether it’s more than one USB port, an HDMI port, a particular screen size, or even just a headphone jack, we encourage you to do so. Take a deep look at your choices — those features aren’t guaranteed on all Chromebooks. This list is updated regularly as we review new products.

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