Pixel Buds A vs. Pixel Buds 2: Every spec compared

We compare Google’s Pixel Buds wireless headphones to see how they stack up.

The Pixel Buds 2 (left) have a metal nozzle, an additional sensor, and three charging pins instead of two, compared to the Pixel Buds A (right).

It’s a battle of the buds: Google’s new Pixel Buds A Now available for preorder at just $99, offering a more affordable wireless headphone option for Android users than last year Pixel Buds 2. But the low price point comes at a cost: The Pixel Buds A loses out on features some users might not be happy about.

The Pixel Buds 2, which originally sold for $179 but is now available for less, have wireless charging and the ability to swipe up on the earbud for volume control. The Pixel Buds A, meanwhile, only offers USB-C charging and lacks volume swipe controls — instead, you need to use Adjust Volume on the device you’re streaming to or access it from Google Assistant. Ask to do it for you. The A-series also doesn’t include the Buds 2’s Attention Alert feature, which can detect ambient sounds like a baby crying or a dog barking and alert you when you’re wearing the Buds.

In our test, the sound quality appeared similar in both sets. The Buds A are also about 20% lighter than the Buds 2 in terms of earbuds and carrying.

Here’s how the Pixel Buds A compares to the Pixel Buds 2 in terms of specs.

Pixel Buds A-Series vs Pixel Buds 2

Pixel Buds A-Series

Pixel Buds 2





distinctly white, dark olive

Clearly white, almost black, quite mint, oh so orange


0.18 oz

0.19 oz


bluetooth 5.0

bluetooth 5.0



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