When iOS 15 debuts at WWDC21, it should include these Android 12 features

Commentary: Apple should embrace these Google tools and alternatives for the next iteration of iOS.

Apple’s annual developer conference, WWDC starts on Monday 7 June 10 a.m. PT we are likely to see iOS 15, a new version of the iPhone’s operating system. WWDC21 arrives a month later Google’s I/O Developer Conference who made us more complete Android 12. New Android OS launching On Google Pixel 6 phones this fall, adds more security and privacy tools and is designed to make phones and tablets feel more personal by allowing you to customize the way you look. Android 12 is also built to work better with other Android and Chrome devices.

Android 12 was first unveiled in February and is now Available as beta to download. The new OS offers a much-needed general cleanup of Android, while giving it one of the biggest overhauls of its appearance in years. Sameer Samat, Google’s vice president of product management for Android and Google Play, described Android 12 as “our most personal OS ever”.

While there are many new things in Android 12 that seem to be inspired by iOS 14, there are three Android 12 features that I think Apple should implement for iOS 15.

Disable the Camera and Microphone on Your Entire iPhone

The menu bar in Android 12 gets a new indicator when an app uses the camera or microphone. It’s similar to what Apple did in iOS 14, but Google offers a major refinement. In Quick Settings, the Android equivalent of Control Center in iOS, there are now buttons to turn on and off camera and mic access system-wide. If you open an app that uses them, such as the Camera app, you’ll only see a black screen where the live feed from your camera would normally be.

iOS 15 should add a way to completely disable the camera and microphone on your iPhone. Currently, you can go to the Privacy menu in the Settings app and choose which apps can access your camera. It’s not exactly the same and it’s tedious. The new Control Panel buttons will make this easier, and make it clear when the camera or mic was turned off on your iPhone.

For some, being able to destroy your iPhone’s cameras and mic is all about peace of mind. But it also adds a level of certainty in situations where recording is restricted.

The only wrinkle I can see is people inadvertently disabling their camera and mic thinking their iPhone is broken. But that’s why there are Apple Stores, right?

iOS 15 Needs a Simpler Way to View Privacy Settings

Android 12 Important Offers Improvements to protect your privacy. The new Privacy Dashboard shows which apps use your data, camera, microphone, location, contacts and media, among other information and sensors. The interface provides an easy-to-access overview of app privacy on your device and lets you revoke access.

Google didn’t say anything about ad tracking, some iOS 14.5. Apple broke up with the release of. Google makes money from ads, so it’ll be hard to say at least if the company offers a way to turn off ad tracking.

The Privacy menu in the Settings app in iOS 14 lets you see all kinds of information that apps can access, from contacts and photos to camera and health data. The list is simultaneously impressive and overwhelming at the same time. I welcome a simplified version in iOS 15. Apple may model a revised privacy menu based on layout screen time Shows a simplified view with easy access to more detailed information that currently uses.

Make iOS 15 More Customizable

At the Google I/O keynote, the company’s Vice President of Material Design, Matías Duarte, said, “We are in a time where computers are appearing in places we never imagined. There are also moments where people yearn to express their individuality and demand control over their technology. We believe this is a challenge for the entire industry. Recognizing that emotion is essential and beauty is personal.”


Duterte questioned whether the form felt after the form, rather than the form. It sounds like the reversal of a well-crushed design cliché, but he showed an example of what he meant. You can change the look and feel of your phone’s apps and interface. The pessimist in me immediately worried that it might be like giving a 4-year-old a 152-pack of crayons to paint. But it turns out it’s a compromise between personal preference and color science.

In Android 12, when you select a photo as the wallpaper for the lock screen, an optional color extraction tool uses algorithms to identify the colors in the photo and allow you to use them in your system. Provides a palette of colors. Colors are used in the notification shade, lock screen, volume control, widgets, settings and apps.

Traditionally, Apple has locked down the look and design of its operating systems and themes. iphone 12, New IPAD air and colorful new iMac
There are examples of how Apple has evolved to offer more options. I hope we see more of these colors in iOS 15. But I’m looking forward to much more than just the ability to choose colors and a design theme. I wish Apple would let us customize iOS 15 more across the board.

One of the cool additions that iOS 14 brought was the ability to change the default apps for Mail and Internet browsing. You can now set third-party apps like Firefox as your default browser and Gmail as your default email app. I’d like to see iOS 15 offer more customization for default apps, and ways to change the look of the iOS interface beyond just a light and dark mode.

For more information about Android 12, visit How to Use Android 12’s New App Privacy Features and Best New Android 12 Features. For more information about iOS 15, See our iOS 15 rumor roundup.

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