Hulu: 38 best TV series to stream this week

Billie Lourd appears in an episode of American Horror Stories.

Apparently it’s horror season This week on Hulu – american horror stories, a spinoff of American Horror Story, premieres two episodes Thursday. AHS creator Ryan Murphy is on writing duties again, with cast members including Matt Bomer, Billie Lourd, Kevin McHale and Danny Trejo featuring self-contained anthological episodes. Look out for AHS favorite Sarah Paulson’s name in the new series’ directing credits.

Paul McCartney and The Beatles fans have a treat on Friday: McCartney 3,2,1 (2021) Sees the musician sit down with music producer Rick Rubin to delve deeper into his particular career. Last week’s entire second season saw a big arrival this way Up, the acclaimed drama starring Aisling Bee (who also starred in Netflix’s) be with yourselfThe series follows an Irish woman who has a nervous breakdown and is played by her anxious older sister, Sharon Horgan.

Other recent arrivals include Season 4 of the sitcom grown-isho; Season 2 of the popular supernatural drama Homeland: Fort Salem; comedy dave; love, victor; Mr Inbetween; and bold type. For more, scroll down and check out the other best original shows on Hulu. Hope you find a stunning gem.

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Best Hulu Original TV Series



From the author of The Favorite comes another unique period drama in which members of royalty say things like, “Ever I’m of a gentle heart and a massive cock.” Elle Fanning went to Russia in her early days as Catherine the Great to be with her new husband, which proves to be far less romantic than her naive heart might expect. Picking up from where The Favorite left off, The Great is filled with surprisingly obscene lines delivered by the most unexpected characters.


From Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland comes another animated sitcom that links outer space with Central America. Solar Opposites focuses on a family of aliens who must take refuge on Earth, a place that is both equally fascinating and terrifying to them. With the humor and humanity to pull off the fast-paced madness, Solar Opposites is an easy hit.

Staged (2020-2021)


Not only is it staged one of the best shows to be set during the lockdown, it manages to make the Zoom call incredibly entertaining. David Tennant and Michael Sheen play fictionalized versions of themselves, attempting to virtually rehearse a play without letting their own petulant childish egos get in the way. The supporting cast, featuring real-life partners and family members, provide the necessary sarcasm and maturity. Plus cameos from Judi Dench to Cate Blanchett are Ricky Gervais extra-type fun.


In a reimagining of Nick Hornby’s famous novel, High Fidelity, the TV series Championship Vinyl Record Store couldn’t have chosen a cooler star to take over. Zoe Kravitz plays the music obsessive Rob, who becomes anxious to find out why his past relationships haven’t worked out. Hits all the right notes with the kissing sound of a chef and the bonding drama set in a hip Brooklyn, High Fidelity…


Centered on a woman who has a nervous breakdown, This Way Up is a one-of-a-kind comedy that adds a shadow of darkness to the stream of jokes. When she is not taking care of her older sister, ine is teaching English as a second language. Or she’s going on dates with people who aren’t as available as she thinks they are. Buoyed by creator-star Aisling Bee’s endless store of charm, This Way Up is on the cusp of a show centered on a young woman who understands things.

Brass (2019-)


If Ocean’s Eleven-type plans but in a northern English city sounds like an inspired combination to you, try Brassic. Vinnie and his five companions commit various imaginative crimes in exchange for real jobs, but as time inevitably weighs some of them down, they begin to turn their heads to life away from the city. It can be zany and raw, but also delicately sweet in an authentic way.


Yes, you read the title of this comedy series full of humor correctly. The PEN15 is a unique, wild spectacle about growing up in the 2000s, so Internet dial-up, discmans, and choker necklaces are everywhere. The weird part: We follow two 13-year-olds played by adult actors while their school co-stars are all just the right age. You must see the ridiculous fun for yourself.


SNL star Eddie Bryant has all the charm and relativity in this comedy that follows the life of a young woman learning to accept her body. The theme flows through her work and love life, with some exceptional secondary characters along for the ride, including the hilarious Patti Harrison. While some of the plot is a bit familiar, the film is still both delightful and uplifting.

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