Intel-Based Macs Won’t Get Every MacOS Monterey Feature

Some next-gen macOS features will be exclusive to products made with Apple’s ARM-based M1 processor.

Live Text in Photos on macOS Monterey(Credit: Apple)

Apple’s big reveal for macOS Monterey left a glaring issue: Not every feature is coming to Intel-based Macs.

You’ll need to outfit a new Mac with Apple’s ARM-based M1 chips to get each of the upcoming functions. The company quietly revealed this important news in footnotes for the Monterey preview, which was spotted by Nerdshala.

Features of Intel-Based Macs Will not done Joining:

  • Portrait mode for FaceTime, which can blur the background in your video calls.

  • Live Text in Photos, a Google Lens-like function that lets you interact with text found in any photo. For example, you can copy the words you’ve drawn in an image, and paste them into a document.

  • Interactive globe and 3D city views on Apple Maps.

  • Text-to-speech voices in languages ​​including Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish.

  • On-device keyboard dictation enables you to talk to your Mac, which will then type your words. The processing all happens completely offline.

  • Continuous dictation. Apple currently limits speech-to-text dictation to 60 seconds before the timeout. However, Macs with M1 processors can tap unlimited dictation.

  • Spatial audio and dynamic head tracking when an AirPods Pro and AirPods Max are connected to a Mac.

So far, Apple hasn’t officially said why on Intel-based Macs features will be missing. But we suspect the company will point to the M1 chip’s “Neural Engine,” which is designed to power AI-based algorithms.

Still, this news is bound to upset owners of older Mac hardware. When Apple announced last year that the Mac line was migrating to ARM-based processors, a major concern was how long the company would continue to support software on Intel-based products.

That said, most of Monterey’s upcoming features are still coming to Intel-powered Macs. However, some standout functions, such as Universal Control and AirPlay for Mac, may require a 2018 or later Mac.

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