Investing in the Gaming Industry – How the Market Looks in 2021

During the first half of last year, there was a lot of doubt about investment in the gaming industry. The epidemic and staggering economies made people think that the gaming industry would also be harmed. But, there has been a large influx of online gamers, and for 2021, the big prediction is that this trend will continue. This year is good for investing in gaming. Let’s take a brief look at some of the demonetization strategies adopted by market drivers and investors and gaming companies for this growth.

Market Drivers for Investment in Gaming Industry

With most people living and working from home, the gaming industry not only survived the epidemic crisis but grew. this is an estimate The industry will grow by 19.6% this year, generating revenue of $ 174.9 billion. Among the diversity of players in the gaming industry, e-sports is the only one that is struggling because events are important to anyone for the future. Almost all the events have been moved to virtual locations, but we have yet to see if this is going to last long.

Investment in the gaming industry is now mainly dependent on the rise of users in mobile, console, and PC gaming. Young gamers, especially those under 25, are the primary targets for most sports. Therefore, we see a significant increase in the number of gamers and related investment and revenue in countries like India, where there is a large youth population. The fact that high graphics compatible smartphones have become more affordable for the largest public is also a major market driver. High-tech otherwise geographically geographic, multi-national investment, and growth in digital payments are also factors that contribute here.

Monetization in online gaming

The entertaining nature of online games makes them an ideal tool to generate revenue. Gaming companies have seen the potential of such opportunities and monetize them using various strategies. Here are some strategies.

  • In-game advertising: If the graphics and content are good, gamers will have no use going through an ad or a bar – additional benefits, it can also be a breathtaking opportunity for the gamer. In some cases, viewing an advertisement may also mean playing with some additional points. Most of the time, these ads are placed between levels to not affect the continuous gaming experience.
  • Add with free gamesThe game will be available as a free download. However, when the user opposes virtual goods such as add-ons, they are charged little by the company. The more premium features you get, the more money gamers have to spend.
  • Play-to-win and pay-to-play – With Play-to-Win, premium features make paying gamers faster and easier. Therefore, they have an advantage over free gamers, who often have to spend a lot of time playing to unlock similar features. As the name suggests, you need to pay in advance to get tokens or virtual coins to play with a pay-to-play game – this is most popular with casino games and some tournaments.
  • Demo version Gaming companies release demo versions of the game and offer them free to gamers. Once gamers are hooked, chances are high that they will buy the full version when it becomes available.
  • Merchandise: Merchandising has always been a way for gaming companies to earn revenue. From major chains to T-shirts, there is always a market for memorabilia from popular sports, sometimes even surpassing sports.

Together Sports streaming And given the huge growth in mobile gaming, many experts see 2021 as a suitable year for investment in the gaming industry. From tech giants to small entrants, there are many players in the field who demand the most. They agree with everyone using the best combination of their current technology like cloud computing, 5G, AR & VR, AI, and edge computing.

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