iOS 15 Aims to Remove Distractions With Focus, FaceTime Improvements

With iOS 15, Apple wants to help you stay in the zone, whether at work or while you’re relaxing. It does the same with iPadOS 15 with some additional productivity perks.

Apple focus on iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 (Image: Apple)

Apple today opened up the next versions of its iOS and iPadOS mobile operating systems to developers, and the productivity of both operating systems is eyeing.

With iOS 15, Apple wants to help you stay in the zone, whether it’s work or a relaxation mindset. The focus features make notifications less of a nuisance, while the sharing options allow for more collaboration between friends. This includes video chats between platforms; FaceTime is coming to Android and Windows—on the web, anyway.

With iPadOS 15, Apple continues its quest to make the iPad Pro as useful as a laptop. The multi-functional Split View and Slide Over multi-tasking features get a makeover to make it easier to view two apps on the screen at once and switch between them.

Both OSes will be released to developers today, a public beta is scheduled for July, and the rest of us will get our hands on them in the fall. Here’s what to expect when they arrive.

iOS 15: FaceTime gets an audio boost

Portrait Mode on FaceTime (Image: Apple)

This past year has made many of us video chat experts, but we’ve all had some audio pitfalls, from garbage trucks on the street to barking dogs.

With iOS 15, FaceTime adds new microphone modes that isolate the voice of the person you’re talking to from background noise. For group calls, meanwhile, the spatial audio will come from the direction the person is placed on the screen. Grid view lets people see more faces at once, while Portrait Mode for FaceTime will blur your background.

iOS 15: Apple Shareplay

listening to music on facetime via shareplaySharing Music via SharePlay on FaceTime

Although we’re starting to meet in person again, you likely have friends and family in far-flung corners of the world, so iOS 15’s SharePlay lets you listen to music, watch videos, and share your screen during FaceTime chats. lets you.

Watch Disney+, ESPN+, HBO Max, Hulu, MasterClass, Paramount+, Pluto TV, TikTok, or Twitch by video call, or share playlists via Apple Music. Here you can bring those Android-based friends as well. Create a link from an iPhone, iPad, or Mac and share it via third-party apps like Messages, Calendar, Mail, or WhatsApp, and friends on non-Apple devices can connect via Chrome or Edge.

iOS 15: Stay Focused

iOS 15.  focus on

Working from home has been a boon for many people, but when your desk is only feet away from your living space, it can be difficult to disconnect. With this in mind, iOS 15 expands on the Screen Time idea that was introduced a few years back with Focus.

If you’re full of notifications, Focus can group them to arrive only at a certain time of day—minus the important messages from favorite contacts. It will also give suggestions, such as asking you to log off and go to bed. Messages will also include an oldie but goodie: away messages. If someone goes to message you, they’ll be able to see you’re unavailable before shooting you a note.

Also on Tap for iOS 15:

  • Live Text will recognize text in a photo and allow you to search photos by location, people, scenery or objects from Spotlight.

  • Memories will integrate with Apple Music for personalized song suggestions.

  • A new floating tab bar in Safari makes it easier to surf the web one-handed.

  • In Apple Maps, Apple promises “significantly upgraded cities for neighborhoods, commercial districts, elevations, and buildings, new street colors and labels, custom-designed landmarks, and a new night-time mode with moonlight glow.” Description.”

  • In CarPlay, Maps adds a 3D city-driving experience.

  • Digital car keys add support for Ultra Wideband technology.

iPad OS 15: Multitasking and Keyboard Shortcuts

Multi-tasking on the iPad has been available for years, but it never completely stopped landing. Apps aren’t compatible, they tend to disappear, and the interface isn’t particularly intuitive. Can iPadOS 15 fix all that? We’ll see, but for now, Apple is talking about a new interface it says will make it easier to work with more than one app at a time on a tablet.

Above is a new multi-tasking shortcut; Tap it to see the apps available for Split View. When viewing two apps, switch to another app with multiple windows (like Safari and Pages) with an on-screen menu Apple is calling “Shelf.”

iPadOS 15: Widgets Galore

iPadOS 15: Widgets Galore

Apple is sticking with widgets, and in iPadOS 15, you can mix and match widgets between apps on the home screen. iPadOS 15 also adds new widgets for the App Store, Find My, Game Center, Mail, and Contacts. The App Library introduced in iOS 14 is also coming to iPadOS.

iPadOS 15: Quick Note

iPadOS 15: Quick Note

Need to write something digitally? With Quick Note, “notes go systemwide,” says Apple. Whether browsing in Safari or finding a restaurant on Yelp, users can bring up a quick note anywhere to jot down an idea and add links, providing an easy way to get back to what they were looking for. “

Along with FaceTime, the aforementioned upgrades to Focus are also coming to iPadOS 15.

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