Loki episode 1 ending explained — what just happened?

Is Loki really there at the end of episode 1?

Loki Episode 1 Ends With a Flame… well, it wasn’t Glory – so take it for granted Spoiler Alert! Beyond this point are the plot points of the first episode of Disney Plus’ Loki series. If you want to take the show spoiler-free, check out our Loki Episode 1+2 review.

So, now that it’s just me, you, and our TVA-authorized caller, let’s talk about what just happened. The first episode of the Loki TV series may have been a very enjoyable one, but it also ended with a big, ominous conclusion that seems like it could be the beginning of Loki’s own mystery box-like format, as How WandaVision Kept People Guessing Until It Was Agatha All Along!

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A runaway Loki who threatens the timeline

As we watched in the closing minutes, a hooded man attacked Time Variance Authority (TVA) hunters, setting a farm on fire. As we learned earlier from Möbius (Owen Wilson), this figure is believed to be a loci. Well, not Loki who is working with TVA, but another version.

This runaway version appears to be TVA, and while it may fit with Loki, why are they so sure who this person is? Yes, that kid met Mobius (in the sixth attack that week), who pointed to a stained glass devil, but Loki isn’t the only horned character in the MCU.

Well, we have to look back at the beginning of the episode. Remember when Loki was brought to TVA, and had to go through multiple levels of security? A clerk passed him through a gate, and made a snapshot of his cosmic aura. It took me a while to hear that phrase clearly (the temporary aura is right next to the ‘rural juror’ for hard-to-say phrases), but it’s basically the TVA’s fingerprinting system, and they each How to add variants to others.

While the audience and Loki had to be taught about the events of the nexus, it appears that the timeline version is more aware of the act of jumping between timelines and the risk of “multi-dimensional warfare”, which Miss Minutes told us. was. We wonder if the runaway version of Loki is really trying To throw the universe into haywire?

And so this is the big mystery leading up to the next Loki episode. Who is this runaway version? Are they really Loki? What is their goal? We doubt that all these questions will be answered.

Loki’s Second Concern: Survival

The second episode of Loki Laufison is currently getting out of TVA’s captivity. He’s trying to get out of it all, but the judge (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) doesn’t believe him, and neither does TVA Hunter B-15 (Wunami Mosaku). Mobius, however, genuinely cares for Loki, and has done his homework about the misdeeds committed by Thor’s (adopted) brother.

To do this would either require Möbius to change someone else’s mind about Loki, or that Loki is changing something about himself. The Time Variance Authority aims to protect the sacred timeline, which doesn’t have much room for variants.

To quote Miss Minutes:

“Long ago there was a huge multiverse war! Countless unique timelines fought each other for supremacy, resulting in almost.. well… everything destroyed! But then the omniscient Time Keepers emerged, reorganizing the Multiverse Bring peace by doing. In a single timeline, sacred timeline. Now the keepers of time protect and preserve the proper flow of time for everyone and everything. But sometimes people like you are the way made by the keepers of time We call them … different.

This makes it seem like TVA is going to have a hard time accepting the continued existence of anomalies, which most certainly are. If the version of Loki we’re following was allowed to break out of TVA’s clutches, we’re sure he’d lead to a nexus.

Therefore, it is believed that our variant loci need to find a way to remove their variant status, if it is to survive.

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