Loki episode 6: Finale release date and time

The end is near when Loki episode 6 comes out

Loki’s finale is almost here, leaving many wondering what time Loki episode 6 arrives on Disney Plus. That said, unlike the times of turmoil that Loki, Sylvie, and the rest have been through, the Loki release schedule is really living according to the same pattern it has been in so far.

As we mentioned in our Loki finale preview, Loki Episode 6 has a fair amount of unanswered questions. Chief among them is “Who is behind TVA?” Fans have been questioning the possibility of Kang the Conqueror appearing on the show, although some at TG argue that it may be a disappointment for the show’s villain to be a new (for the series) character.

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That said, we also need to learn what will happen to both Loki and Sylvie, both as individuals (the variants don’t seem to have a particularly long shelf life) and a … There’s a way to create a lot of commotion, and we’re not just talking about nexus incidents.

Loki Episode 6 could be a grand moment for the Marvel Cinematic Universe in general, as both the upcoming projects Spider-Man: No Way Home (December 17, 2021) and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (March 25, 2022) is one. It has a lot to do with people hopping between realities. Will Tom Holland’s Peter Parker Meet His Own Variant? What is Stephen Strange up to now? And where is Wanda Maximoff, as she pursues her missing children?

And speaking of people jumping from time to time, will we ever learn why Peggy Carter was in Loki Episode 1? Further demands: give Mobius a jet ski, and let Alligator Loki ride on the back.

Here’s what you need to know about Loki episode 6 release date and time.

How to Watch Loki on Disney Plus

Loki looks hard to catch, jumping around in time, but you can find the show exclusively on Disney Plus.

Loki Episode 6 airs this Wednesday, July 14 at 3PM ET. This is the final episode of the season, and possibly the series.

How to Watch Loki Internationally

Disney Plus is available in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mauritius, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain. Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, so getting access won’t be hard.

loki episode schedule

Yes, folks, we are at the end of this wild trans-dimensional ride. Hopefully someday we’ll talk to you about Loki season 2, but for now, Loki episode 6 is the last stop on this Disney Plus series.

  • Loki Episode 1: June 9 @ 3 pm ET
  • Loki Episode 2: June 16 @ 3 pm ET
  • Loki Episode 3: June 23 @ 3 pm ET
  • Loki Episode 4: June 30 @ 3 pm ET
  • Loki Episode 5: July 7 @ 3 pm ET
  • Loki Episode 6: July 14 @ 3 pm ET
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