MacBook Pro 2021 could get a killer feature for photographers and video editors

MacBook Pro 2021 tipped to come with faster UHS-II SD card reader

The upcoming MacBook Pro 2021 may get a feature that will be a serious boon for professional photographers and video editors in the form of an SD card reader with high-speed UHS-II support.

That’s according to an Apple Tracks report, which claims a “trusted source” has pointed it out to a faster SD card reader. It also notes that the next-generation MacBook Pro could sport an illuminated Touch ID button and could have up to 32GB of RAM.

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While we can’t verify the veracity of the Apple Track report, it does tease some interesting information for the MacBook Pro 2021, which is expected to come in 14-inch and 16-inch sizes.

Let’s start with the UHS-II SD card reader. We’ve heard previous rumors that Apple plans to bring back the SD card reader in the new MacBook Pro, after abandoning the slot in favor of a USB-C connection in 2016.

This is good news for creative professionals like photo and video editors, as it makes it a simple process to insert files from the camera to an SD card into a laptop instead of relying on cable connections and slow transfer speeds.

However, a traditional SD card reader can only deliver speeds of up to 100 MB/s, while a UHS-II reader bumps that figure up to 312 MB/s, provided you have a compatible card to go with it. The readers are backwards compatible, however, so using a UHS-I SD card means you miss out on the speed boost.

This will clearly be a killer feature for the 2021 MacBook Pro, assuming the information is accurate, especially for creative professionals. For example, video and image files are notorious for having large file sizes, and tripling the speed will make life a lot easier when trying to work on location.

MacBook Pro 2021 RAM and Touch ID

Apple Track also revealed that the next-gen MacBook Pro will get up to 32GB of RAM. This will be an upgrade over the MacBook Pro M1’s Apple M1 chip with 16GB of RAM, however, this refutes a Bloomberg report suggesting a 64GB option.

When it comes to tasks like manipulating large RAW photo files or 4K video, more RAM is better. And while 32GB is nothing to smell like, it might not be after a considerable amount of MacBook Pro fans.

The MacBook Pro 2021 is expected to come with either an Apple M2 chip or an M1X slice of Apple silicon. Both chips have been touted as being more powerful on the impressive M1 chip, so pairing them with more RAM could make them proper professional powerhouses; We will just have to wait and see which rumor turns out to be true.

Speaking of rumours, it has also been claimed that the next-generation MacBook Pro may get a mini-LED display to boost screen brightness and contrast over the standard LCD panel found in current MacBooks. Such corrections can be a boon for creative professionals after a rich and bright display of colours.

Considering that the iPad Pro 2021 has a mini-LED display, bringing the technology to the MacBook isn’t a huge leap in the imagination. We just hope that Apple opts for slimmer display bezels so that MacBook Pros can maximize real estate without elongating their bodies.

Lastly, reports from Apple Track claim that the MacBook Pros will feature a Touch ID button that will be illuminated and backlit for the first time. There aren’t many details on this, although it has been claimed that the sensor will be illuminated by “several dedicated LEDs”. Than a glasses refresher.

With new MacBook Pros being revealed in the fall, we haven’t got too long to wait before seeing what rumors emerge. Of course, the lack of a chip could throw a spanner in the works, and the fall could just see the reveal of the iPhone 13, with MacBooks arriving in 2022. As always, time will tell.

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