Marvel’s Fantastic Four movie: Everything else we know so far

Marvel’s Fantastic Four movie has rumors about its cast

Marvel’s upcoming Fantastic Four film is facing a task that none of its predecessors have been able to accomplish. Bringing the Richards family to the big screen.

And now that Marvel has officially announced the film, which was the subject of speculation ever since Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, the Fantastic Four film exists in that gray area of ​​casting rumours.

But why would this film be better than many of the films before it? Well, Disney’s track record with Marvel movies is much stronger than that of any other studio. On top of that, it’s going to be driven by one of the best directors in the MCU.

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Latest Fantastic Four movie news (updated July 21)

  • Some Think They Saw a Fantastic Four Easter Egg in the Loki Finale
  • For a long time a variant of the Fantastic Four villain Kang the Conqueror appeared in the MCU.
  • Those who want to see Emily Blunt as Sue Richards should probably give up on that dream: She’s said she doesn’t want to do comicbook movies.

Fantastic Four movie cast

That being said, all is not well at the moment with this latest iteration of Fantastic Four, as a lot of negativity has been cast toward potential casting ideas. Fortunately, those rumors have been debunked.

It all started when The Daily Mail assured people that Jennifer Lawrence would be heading to Australia soon to shoot for the new Fantastic Four film.

time limit Justin Kroll Dismissing that rumor, tweeted that “There is no script and it will take some time to start shooting for this film.”

No other casting rumors are bubbling up yet, but fans online really want Emily Blunt and John Krasinski in those roles. Blunt disagrees with the idea, telling The Hollywood Reporter, “I really understand it. [superhero movies] are like a religion to many people… they don’t appeal to me in the same way. I don’t have such a strong desire to play a superhero.”

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Fantastic Four movie release date speculation

We can’t hold our breath waiting for Marvel’s Fantastic Four movie, even if we have Reed Richards’ expandable lungs and ribcage.

Based on the above report that Marvel doesn’t even have a script yet — it’s only brimming with writers for now — we’re far from a Fantastic Four movie.

Currently, the list of upcoming Marvel movies extends to 2023, where Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and Ant-Man 3 are on the way (and Deadpool 3 may be coming). This is the earliest we would expect this film to be made.

Fantastic Four movie: references in the MCU

We’re starting to see a lot of references to Marvel’s first family in the MCU. For starters, Kang the Conqueror (also known as Nathaniel Richards) variant named He Who Remains appeared in the Loki finale. Kong has long been a thorn in the side of the Fantastic Four in comics.

In the same episode, there may have been another reference to the Richards family, at least one fan noticed it. a closer look An outer space scene may reveal the space ship of the Richards family.

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