Netflix's Sexy Beasts episode 1 recap: Of mice and stone men

There’s no use being an aunt on a date.

So a mouse and a demon walk into a bar. This Isn’t the Beginning of a Joke — It’s a Real Occurrence on Netflix’s New Dating Reality Show sexy beast, out July 21. If meeting strangers in a public place isn’t enough internal chaos to determine whether you can commit to each other for life, Netflix is ​​doing the odd thing by putting singles from the US and the UK dangerously. Expands artificial makeup. After several hours in the makeup chair I watch daters turn into beasts and mythical creatures like aliens, roosters, zombies and pixies and congregate in a London bar. for love reasons. Argument? If they engage in each other’s looks, they will be able to form a deeper connection with each other. (Spoiler: Of course they’re thinking about what their dates look like. And of course the cast is within a range of what you might consider traditionally attractive.)

Just imagine, only wings can stand between you and true love.

Believe it or not, the sexy beast wasn’t born into the world as Fox’s cursed child. masked singer and netflix love is blind. An earlier version of the show actually aired on BBC Three in 2014. This new version features voice-over narration by comedian Rob Delaney. And now, following on the heels of other not-so-seen reality shows like Too Hot to Handle, The Circle and the aforementioned Love Is Blind, Sexy Beasts, it’s here to surprise you in six 20-minute episodes of Burn this Rome show. timeline would be broadcast.

And lo: I’ve watched and rewritten them all to assure you that what you see on screen is actually happening.

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let’s get started.


You’ll have the devil of a time dating Emma.

For the opening episode of Sexy Beasts, we meet Emma, ​​a New York City-based model whose face is molded into a demon, full of horns, a Green Goblin-esque grin, and skin as red as one. There were times I had to cheerlead two football games in a row without sunscreen.

Emma is too tired of being judged by her looks, so now her face will be in our nightmares forever. He’s looking for a bad boy who has a hard shell with a soft interior that doesn’t seem like making A Problem Absolutely.

Emma’s first boyfriend is Bennett, a former pro volleyball player from San Diego who is made to look like Mandrill. If your mind doesn’t immediately draw the image of a mandrill, think of Rafiki from The Lion King. Now imagine Rafiki from The Lion King discussing her love of breasts.

The other is Archie, a student from Gloucestershire, England, in the role of Stone Man. Archie has realized lately that he’s not really a player. He’s on his mind. Still, he also wants “a big ol’ butt.”

Third comes Adam, from Birmingham, England, who doesn’t have a job, maybe? My friend, if you’ve ever wondered what a mouse with a sleazy half man-bun (mouse-bun?) would look like, your day has come. Adam is a thinker, though – he says his secret weapon is women’s perfume. He may also wear a scent they already like, because that’s how attraction works. I imagine the inner monologue of a girl hugging him for the first time and overwhelmed with memories of her late grandmother, who was also a big fan of Burberry.

‘Why are you talking to the mouse in the bar?’

The four kick off their speed dates at a bar, where other patrons are apparently instructed to try the drink despite periodic muzzles and other facial protrusions on a mess of latex and fur.

Adam asks Emma the question we’ve all been thinking about: “So why are you single? Why are you talking to a rat at the bar right now?”

Very quickly something dawns on me. Sometimes even facial prostheses can’t make a first date interesting. The usual line of inquiry comes up: “Where are you from?” “What do you do?”

When Emma asks Bennett if she’s loyal, he replies, “I think I might be,” and “There’s a lot of temptation,” which she registers as a red flag, but no Not a deal breaker by any means.

Meanwhile, Adam tries to explain the joke to Emma, ​​which is British slang for teasing, flirting back and forth. (Did I fact check with several colleagues in the UK? Yes.)

Emma tells the camera that she is very confused. She didn’t feel much with any of them. Now comes the part that I find wildly strange. Back at the so-called Sexy Beast Manor, Emma essentially has to critique each of her dates—some she liked and some she didn’t—before dismissing one.

In the end, Adam gets the boot, but not before he can reveal his face, apparently sending him into a spiral of regret and despair. Meh.

After this comes another round of dates. Emma and Archie get a foot massage together, where he frankly says, “I love the culture.” And as she attempts to delve into a deeper lifestyle-oriented conversation, he tells her he has good intuition because he correctly guessed someone’s age until recently.

Meanwhile, Emma and Bennett go to an amusement park to ride a roller coaster. They end up kissing and Bennett tells the camera, “It’s so crazy. I’ve kissed this girl and I don’t know what she looks like,” as if the premise of the entire series just went out of haze and pantsed her.

Back at the manor, Emma gives another round of criticism and chooses Bennett. Is Archie bursting out? Is this a reaction to eye makeup? We’ll probably never know. Before meeting Bennett she meets Archie, who she deems to be cute and then finally Bennett, who meets her while kissing, biting her lips like a piece of fruity leather.

Ah yes, romance.

you can find our Recap episode 2 here.

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