[Preview] Humanoids’ 2/10 Release: SPACE BASTARDS #2

On Wednesday, February 10 Mankind Has another issue Playground! Acclaimed artist Darrick Robertson (Boys, happy!) Joins writer Eric Peterson and Joe Aubrey as they remove the galaxy’s most vicious and infamous… parcel couriers?

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Take a look at the covers, storylines, and preview pages of this week’s new release on Humanoids of New Comic Book Day! #Bndd

Humanities comics

New releases for the week of February 10, 2021


Space score # 2

Writers: Eric Peterson and Joe Aubrey
Artist: Derrick robertson
Color worker: Diego Rodriguez

Letter: Simon Bowland

Cover artist: Derrick robertson w / Diego Rodriguez

In stores: 10 February 2021

The Secret Origin of IPS! Several years ago, after failing to make a profitable exit from his sex robot company, Roy Sharpton attacked his next big idea: buy a failed intergalactic postal service! Learn how they merged Uber and Rollerball into a violent and competitive army of contract workers — and the most successful business in history!

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About Humanoids:

Located in Hollywood, California, with branches in Paris, London, and Tokyo HUMANOIDS, was co-founded 45 years ago in Paris, France by renowned producer Mœbius, and has since published thousands of titles, including international bestsellers and prestigious Series such as The Incal and The Metabarns.




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