Rivian R1T release window, price, interior, range, towing capacity and more

The Rivian R1T electric pickup is a game changer, and it’s coming soon

Rivian’s R1T is one of the most exciting electric vehicles to be launched in the near future. The R1T is, basically, a reimagining of one of the most popular car types in the United States: a pickup for power generation. And Rivian’s decision to go after this market means a lot.

US takes the top three slots for pickup total car sales. The Ford F series is the most popular vehicle in the country, followed by Chevrolet’s Silverado, which is tailgate by Dodge’s Ram range. In all except 11 states, the number one selling vehicle is a pickup truck of some sort.

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So the R1T has a massive potential audience, and while this all-electric pickup isn’t cheap, it certainly isn’t the most expensive pickup, with Ford, Dodge, and Chevrolet all offering options that elevate their vehicles to the same level. lead to. For Rivian’s R1T. In EVs, the R1T will have to compete with gmc hammer and Tesla Cybertruck.

Here’s what you need to know about the Rivian R1T.

2022 Rivian R1T Cost and Release

Rivian is now taking orders for the R1T with a $1,000 full-refundable deposit. Configuration options, like many electric cars, offer extended battery packs or improved interior equipment and trim.

Rivian originally claimed the cars could be delivered as early as July, but this has been pushed back to September. Apparently this is down to the “widespread impact of the pandemic”, specifically the ongoing global chip shortage.

The Rivian R1T’s base model Explore Package, which includes a sport interior, is priced at $67,500. The Adventure Pack raises that cost to $75,000, with a premium interior and off-road upgrades. Both of those prices add up to $10,000 if you want to boost the range from the standard 300 miles to 400.

An R1T will come in a fully specified $89,500, which includes the Adventure Pack, range extension, and the most expensive paint variant, which adds $2,500 to the price. For those with a cash to splash, it will provide a lot of car with immense flexibility.

2022 Rivian R1T Range and Battery

The Rivian R1T’s range is nice and simple. You get two options, one for a range of 300+ miles and one for 400+ miles, which costs $10,000 more. This is the case at launch and information indicates that the 300 mile model is using a 135 kWh battery, while the 400 mile car uses a 180 kWh pack.

Electric car enthusiasts will note that those capabilities are pretty generous and that’s with good reason. For one, these cars are heavier than most EVs. But Rivian is also making sure there’s spare capacity, which should help the battery manage its load better and last the range over longer usage and multiple charge and discharge cycles.

A smaller, 105 kWh battery is said to be arriving a bit later, possibly with a shorter range and a slightly cheaper price tag than the current R1T.

2022 Rivian R1T Performance & Towing Capacity

The Rivian R1T’s 0-60 mph time is a staggering 3 seconds. Only a small selection of hypercars and supercars can outperform that speed, and the most obvious current rival is the Tesla Model S Plaid, which takes just 1.99 seconds to top 60 mph. Rivian’s three seconds are sitting around in cars like the Porsche 911 GT3 RS and the monster 9,000 lb GMC Hummer EV

It doesn’t make sense to compare a pickup truck to a sports car, but it’s remarkable to see these heavy, off-road vehicles able to compete with some of the most desirable cars on the planet.

The Rivian’s performance matters in one important matter to most pickup enthusiasts: its towing capability. The company claims the Rivian R1T can carry up to 11,000 pounds, which is a solid number, though it can’t compete with the strongest trucks on the market. Ford’s F450 Super Duty with V8 power stroke diesel engine can pull 32,500 pounds. But most people can probably get by with less power.

The real advantage of the Rivian lies in its powertrain design. The R1T is driven by four motors that are located on each axle as close to the center as possible. The car is capable of doing some incredible things with torque vectoring that’s far more responsive than you’d expect from a combustion engine pickup. This allows Rivian to make the R1T a powerful off-road tool. The car could, potentially, also do tank turns, where the wheels on both sides turn in opposite directions, causing the car to turn on the spot. (We’ll just try to get it off the road.)

2022 Rivian R1T Autonomous Drive Mode

Rivian’s approach to autonomous driving differs from that of Telsa’s. All cars will come with a Driver+, who will steer, adjust speed based on traffic and change lanes when you signal.

However, Rivian doesn’t offer it as self-driving—mainly because it isn’t. Instead it is a driver assist, like a more advanced cruise control, which can make travel more comfortable but still requires the driver to be in charge of the vehicle.

The system is composed of 11 cameras, 5 radar sensors and 12 ultrasonic sensors for surveillance around the car. Drive+ isn’t an optional extra, and the company says it will be updated regularly.

2022 Rivian R1T Design and Storage

It is a fair guess that you are going to have a strong opinion on the styling of the Rivian R1T. The rear is less controversial, with its body-wide light bar and almost traditional truck styling. From the side too, it looks like a supermodern pickup, but its pedigree is clear.

When you come to the front, you’re faced with one of the most interesting pieces of design of any recent vehicle that isn’t Tesla’s Cybertruck. A light bar extends across the front of the car, and while charging it shows a green progress bar so you know how far it’s going to charge. The two long ovals look like eyes, and they are surrounded by more LED running lights. Within the oval are more conventional headlights.

It sounds amazing to be honest, but it’s distinctive and cool. Everyone will know it’s a Rivian, or at least they’ll know when a few more people learn about Rivian.

They’ll also know it’s Rivian when you open the side storage. Just behind the rear doors on either side of the truck are small doors that open to a compartment that spans the width of the vehicle. This storage is ideal for snowboards, skis or anything special displayed by Rivian. These include a camping kitchen with a cook top, which is going to make it a must-have truck for tailgate cookouts.

There’s also storage space under the front hood and an extra space under the truck bed. The Rivian includes a full-size spare wheel at this location, which customers can remove if they wish to use the location.

2022 Rivian R1T Interior

From the inside, things are a bit more traditional, though not without surprises. Rivian has avoided using carpet, instead using an easy-to-wash material that won’t stain. The company wants you to get this car dirty, and then wipe it down before you start it again.

In terms of equipment, expect the usual pair of screens to handle most of the car’s features. This shouldn’t be a big surprise, considering how electric car companies are following Tesla’s example and offering touchscreen controls. We just wish we had a more tactile experience so you don’t feel the need to take your eyes off the road.

2022 Rivian R1T Outlook

The Rivian R1T certainly isn’t cheap, but it’s not outrageously expensive either. You can spec it for a fairly high sticker price if you’re so inclined, but the standard model is likely to suit most needs exceptionally well. With loads of built-in technology and one of the most interesting drivetrains of any electric car ever, it will likely take the world by storm.

Of course, the Rivian R1T will have to be available in high quantities to meet demand, and there’s no indication yet that Rivian will be able to produce enough to keep up. But America’s love for pickup trucks will likely be satiated by this versatile EV pickup vehicle, and it could be a huge success.

Time will tell on this, but the R1T has immense potential.

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