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Following the launch of our 2021 short awards yesterday, this year’s prize money marks the 14th edition of our annual short film honors. Starting back in 2007, when we favored a more traditional Top 10 list, this playlist celebrates all the winners of our ‘Short of the Year’ award – if you ever thought the best short films featured on S / W Which is, then this playlist is a good place to start.

What we said: inside Feels both fresh and familiar… It is an eight-minute story to tell and does it in eight minutes – it is a joy after watching the eight-minute stories told in ninety.

What did they do next: to describe inside As his “Director’s performance short” For more than a decade we featured Sands, he is busy working as a writer, bringing big sci-fi novels to the screen. He has also sold two original screenplays and continues to work as a director.


What we said: Often an old story gives a new form, is told in a new context, or played on a larger scale. Silent It does all this. Here, the familiar morph animation takes on a new face, where characters animate in the real-life streets and buildings of Buenos Aires.

What did they do next: Blue has continued to demand street artists in many European countries seeking a blend of guerrilla with high-profile commissions. A collection of his work, In book form, Was released in 2018.


What we said: Clappin has improved his technique (prior work), Skhizein There is a big jump for the French animator in regards to design, background detail, and character movement … Clappin takes the film and its character in a direction where I expected it to be, and in fact, I get to see my early impressions later. Caused to evaluate.

What did they do next: A real favorite of the 2009 festival circuit, Skhizein Launched an exciting future for Clappin. He bridged this shortcoming with another in 2012 – Lines on the palm of the hand – Before its first feature I lost my body It became the first animated feature to win the top award at Critics Week since its launch in 1962. Selected for worldwide distribution by Netflix, the film was nominated for Best Animated Feature at the 2020 Oscars.


2010 – Plastic bag

dir. Ramin baharani


It does not look like it currently has an official version of Plastic bag Online

What we said: It connects us to sensations that are mythological and epic, yet its environmentalist message seeks to embrace all of us in our shared community and planetary consciousness. All this in one jolt about a plastic bag. It is the most amazing short film of 2010.

What did they do next: Already a notable director for his microbeagent-like features chop Shop, Bahrani narrated this Herzog with even more high-profile projects, followed by Andrew Garfield, Michael Shannon, and Michael B. Liked Jordan. 99 houses And Fahrenheit 451. Bahrani’s latest white TigerIs recently Hit Netflix And, for his next project, he is set to direct an adaptation of Arvind Adiga’s novel Amnesty For Netflix.


2012 – Welcome to pine thread

you. Michael Simmons and Paul Shoebridge

An interactive documentary Welcome to Pine Point – Click here To view the complete project.

What we said: At our core, we topped the short story of the week award. We trump stories, we celebrate storytellers, and in our editorials, we try our hand at storytelling ourselves. Stories have the power to expand themselves, inform, transform, transport and uplift through the world. Maybe that’s why Pine point Struck a chord with us. Certainly, we’re interested in technology and trends, and as the first interactive film to “work”, Pine point It is a sexy choice for us to make our short of the year. But sexy is not our mission. More than medium, more than form or structure, this work resonates because it is a good story about the importance of stories.

What did they do next: since Welcome to pine point Won their award back in 2012, Jodi Shoebridge and Simmons (aka) The goggles), Has announced several projects on which they are working – including Touch: an interactive story about the death of print And Chasing the Sun: A Trans Media Story About the Arctic. Although neither daylight has been seen (as far as we can tell), the pair produced an interactive documentary that launched with a feature dock Ghost in our machine.



dir. Mickey please

What we said: We were shocked when the Academy Awards made the huge mistake of not nominating this work. The eagleman stag One of the best short films you’ll ever see! It tells an epic story of life and loss “compressed human experience in 9 minutes, mysteriously beautiful”. It is an incredible work of craftsmanship carved entirely out of foam with a scalpel. In a way, Oscar Snub makes perfect sense. Let’s face it, the Oscar has come to reflect an aging taste for safe, classic film. Powerful, shocking, innovative films are better in this way.

What did they do next: Made as Thesis film in RCA, Please followed The Eagleman stag 2013 with less Marilyn Myler, Before going to work board game, graphic novel, And a TV pilot. Now working on seasonal stop-motion with long-time collaborator Dan Ojari – Robin Robin 30-minute stop-motion made with Aardman Productions, And was set to premiere on Netflix in late 2021.


2014 – The runner

you. Mutton Rochlitz and Ivo Gormley

What we said: Born with the idea that people might be more open if they were asked questions while running, the Postal Diary of Matan Rochlitz and Ivo Gormer The runners Holding their subjects at a time provides a pleasant glimpse into their everyday lives when their prohibition is at their most relaxed. Told many jokes on personal subjects ranging from sex to religion and marriage to mental health, The runners Takes us on an unexpected journey through the human mind. So simple, you cannot believe that it has not been done before, it is ideas like this that really restore your belief in the originality and creativity of filmmaking.

What did they do next: Since the lack of documentary The runners, Matan Rochlitt continues to work in the documentary field with his latest short I have a message for you Nominated for Emmy in 2018. Meanwhile, his directorial partner, Ivo Gormale, has left film production and is now the founder and CEO of Gudmoig – An initiative that combines regular exercise with helping our communities.


2015 – The gunfighter

you. Eric Kissack

What we said: We like some ol ‘fashionable stepwell humor, which is the next site that specializes exclusively in online shorts, yet I would suggest that the film’s unexpected success of this gem is more complicated than it appears. The meta-implications of an omniscient Nick Officer are just as disturbing as the results. Questions of free will, fate, and even God abound. Apart from the philosophical implication, the concept of a blood-chilled cosmic puppet master is clearly very terrible! Yet it all goes down to superiority and easy thanks to anal sex jokes … Oh my.

What did they do next: With a string of impressive Editor credit With their names – Nice place And V.P. – Kissack has primarily focused his attention on the world of television since we started him directing and producing at the 2015 SOTY Award Nice place The first show ended last year, we hope to see more of Kissack in a director’s chair soon.


2016 – Kung Furry

you. David Sandberg


Due to age restrictions, Kung Rage Cannot embed, click on image to watch on YouTube.

What we said: As fun as it is for unknown but worthy talents, it would be outrageous to not recognize notable achievement Kung Rage, And its even more notable cultural impact. List the events: A massively viral trailer leads to an unprecedentedly successful Kickstarter, resulting in the concept getting its start even before it was an option for development that took place in CANNES of all places, then, fever With publicity on the pitch of. , It goes online and then somehow becomes an EVEN BIGGER deal. Wow! not since Connie 2012 (Sufficiently enough) Do I think that a short film has had such a widespread impact on the Internet, and even better it was a true grassroots event, not a celeb-driven one. It really is just so terrible, and everyone forced everyone to tell them how much they needed to see it. Now we are telling you.

What did they do next: With nearly 40 million views on YouTube, Kung Rage Probably one of the biggest “hits” we’ve featured in Short of the Week. With the online response to Sandberg reaching unprecedented levels of insanity, it should come as no surprise that the filmmaker is working on a follow-up. Kung Rage 2-Since then. Major photography in September 2021 starring David Haslehoff, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Michael Fassbender, but post-production recently made a hit, described as Hoff “Beef with money”.


2017 – Possible

dir. D

What we said: 2016 saw the online release of the single best interactive experience ever. It did not come from a technologist, but a rare and bright film talent, Danielle. In contrast to the medium-long engagement with non-fiction storytelling, Possible Bill itself as the first narrative interactive experience, and in the hands of the eccentrically talented directing duo, the effort is a huge success – a deeply satisfying experience on an intellectual and emotional level, which is novel, and endlessly untrue.

What did they do next: After showing Daniels for the first time in 2011, it quickly became apparent that these filmmakers were…


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