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Picture – one of the most popular and fastest-growing digital design tools – was today Recently voted “The most exciting design tool of 2021.”

In many organizations, a small group – often the design team – uses Figma on a daily basis. But designers need an intuitive way to share their work and collect feedback from other disciplines in the organization. Enter P2. P2 is a product powered by that enhances remote, asynchronous team collaboration. With P2, team members can share ideas, gather feedback and assign tasks to each other.

You can now embed Figma files on P2 and get relevant feedback from everyone, creating a more inclusive environment, eliminating the need for others to learn and navigate design-specific software.

Sharing Figma files on P2 allows teams to review designs and comments where everyone collaborates. The track integrates all the work in one place, helping the project progress. P2 is also fully searchable for future reference! As you iterate in Figma, your files will magically sync to P2. There is no more messy screen or wondering which Fimma file is the most up to date.

Step 1: Copy the link to the artboard or prototype from Figma
Step 2: Add Fig Block and paste the link in it

Go P2

Want to know more about P2 how P2 can help improve communication and collaboration in your team? Watch a demo. You can also make your own P2 here and take it for a spin. any question? Feel free to comment on demo P2.

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