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No one could predict the events of 2020. Let alone an increase in the use of social media as the nation turned to many different platforms to stay connected. In March, countries implemented orders to stay home due to the global epidemic. Statista reported a 21% increase in monthly social media usage.

Social media has now taken huge importance for businesses. Many marketers are reviving everything from brand purpose to content strategy and everything in between. 2021 Hootsuite Social Trends Report notes: “The smartest brands will understand where they fit into customers’ lives on social media, and they will find creative ways of fitting into conversations.”

As we look at 2021, here are three major trends to follow regarding social media:

Video is not going anywhere

In fact, with its viewers spending time at home safely and consuming more content than ever before, the video is at an all-time high. But how should you focus on the video? Live weekly videos are proving to be the most popular way to add an estimated 50% upward spike for 2021. The rise of virtual events and meetings proved for most businesses that live video led to higher attendance and greater participation. So it’s time to get yourself a camera ready and share your passion with the world!

Authenticity takes center stage

In 2021, it is time to level its contents in terms of human connection. Your message will need to continue by relying less on sales and more on conversations. It is for this precise reason that “stories” have shown an increase in popularity on every platform, giving your audience information about you and your business. Before your audience makes sure that the true value of your brand is very high. So dig deep and share your purpose with your audience!

Rise of community

With the increasing use of social media by users and marketers, it is no surprise that all feeds are full of noise. You may have noticed that your posts suffer from a lack of organic reach? There was an increase in the use of private groups and membership in the previous year. Many people want to optimize their social media experience. This trend is predicted to continue well into 2021. As your audience seeks a familiar understanding of the online community that is missing in their lives. So if it has been your dream to be the leader of your community, now is the right time to create one!

These three major trends will help you determine what direction your business should take in the context of social media. But, this is certainly not a complete list. In the next 12 months, it will be mandatory to produce quality materials. To be effective, revisit your strategy often.

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