Star Trek: Picard season 2’s new teaser trailer shows that Q is here to torment

New Picard season 2 clip reveals a nemesis is back

Some age, some not. That’s what the new Star Trek: Picard Season 2 trailer tells us in its own way. The trailer begins with Starfleet Admiral Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) screaming around his house for his housekeeper, Laris. But no one greeted him there to take care of him.

And when Picard asks, “What’s going on here?” He greets with the last voice he wanted to hear. “Excellent question,” Q responds, making fun of him by saying “Oh dear, you’re a little bigger than I imagined,” as the camera cuts to Q himself (John De Lancie), who is all salt, someone. No black pepper.

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Q, it looks like he’s here because he’s playing with the times. “Welcome my friend, didn’t take until the very end of the road,” Q says, before we see that everyone is confused as to what’s going on. It looks like the La Sirena ship is now part of Starfleet, the most familiar cast we see on screen, including Dr. Agnes Juarti (Alison Pill) and Santiago Cabrera (Cristóbal Ríos).

Oh, and Jerry Ryan gets plenty of screen time in this trailer, where Seven of Nine is confused like everyone else, and the Borg implant above his left eye is missing. If we talk about the ring in his finger, then he can also get engaged.

We still don’t know when Star Trek: Picard Season 2 will be his Paramount Plus, though it’s expected to arrive sometime in 2022. John de Lancie isn’t the only big returning star: Whoopi Goldberg is returning as Guinan after Patrick. Stewart proposed to her to return when he was a guest on The View. There’s no clue as to how many episodes Goldberg signed on for, or whether she’s just doing a cameo. It looks like Jean-Luc will need all the help possible, though.

Showrunner and bestselling author Michael Chaban will be writing season two episodes, and Jonathan Frakes (Ryker himself) will direct an undisclosed number of episodes.

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