Amazon is now open to getting sued

hello and welcome back equity, Nerdshala’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines.

Despite being a short week, as always, it was a busy, hectic time. Our Regular Friday Maker Please was under the weather today, so Chris stepped in to help.

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Besides, here’s what danny and Natasha and alex got into:

  • Stack Overflow has a new owner, and a sales value of $1.8 billion which is creating 61 new millionaires in the process.
  • Katra is dying, as if going to zero. Since the company has been a regular feature of Nerdshala coverage, we had to discuss the end of it. you can also Catch up on Greensil here If that’s your jam.
  • Back on the acquisition front, Etsy is buying Depop for $1.625 billion. We believe the deal is a good one, even if it isn’t cheap.
  • amazon is can now be prosecuted After a large number of arbitration claims were filed. Also we talk about the writing style of everyone’s favorite judge.
  • The unit raised funds to help teams form federations; Chipper Cash made a big splash for its fintech product; And One Concern underscores Danny’s big disaster tech thesis by raising $45 million.

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