Wecasa raises $17.7 million for its home care and wellness marketplace

french startup visa has raised a $17.7 million funding round (€15 million). Bliss is leading the funding round with existing investors Serena, ISAI and Frédéric Magella. The company is building a marketplace for home care and wellness.

Over the years, Wecasa has added new workspaces. The startup basically specialized in hairdressing at home. After this, massage, beauty treatment, housekeeping, babysitting and sports coaching were added to it.

While the company is mostly active in France, it expanded to London in April 2021. After this, Wecasa is expected to roll out its service to some new European markets as soon as next year.

When it comes to metrics, Vikasa expects to generate $23.6 million (€20 million) in revenue this year. This would represent a three-fold increase compared to 2020 revenue. There are 150,000 Wecasa customers and 5,000 registered professionals on the platform.

Like many marketplaces, it will be important to find more partners to support the company’s growth. For example, Vikasa expects to add 3,000 more professionals by the end of 2021. There are currently 50 people working for the company and the startup is hiring another 30 employees this year.

This is not the only market in France focused on home care and wellness. When it comes to housekeeping, VikasaHelping competes with O2, Shiva and others. When it comes to babysitting, Wecasa competes with Yoojo, Yoopies and others. Some other marketplaces also focus on one-time jobs, such as fixing something broken – examples include Lulu Dance Ma Rue and Stooty.

Wecasa is slowly adding new categories, which is a smart move because it’s easy to make sure you’re working with competent professionals if you don’t have a thousand different verticals. There is also a huge market opportunity because a lot of recommendations for a baby-sitter or housekeeper still happen offline – there will be room for multiple marketplaces. And Wecasa is now well positioned to build a strong brand and service across multiple markets.

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