T-SQL Tuesday #135: The outstanding tools of the trade that make your job awesome

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Ever since I posted on the topic of T-SQL Tuesday and it’s been a long time to see the topic being discussed by Mike Bronkowski (The blog) on the device.

During my career, I have worked for companies that have allowed me to use some very good tools. Whether they are sellers or community-related, there are a plethora of options for all platforms and prices.

Some of those for which I have a special place can be found here, But I’ll specifically name a few below:



Maintenance / display equipment

Utility tools

Red Gate Equipment

SQL Sentry Tool

Powershell equipment

The one thing I like to see from time to time is the patrons. These form over time and have a unique point and flow about them depending on where you are in your life, career, or journey. Uniting a few good mentors can become a valuable asset in your toolbelt as a physical tool.

Thanks, Mike for hosting this month!

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