T-SQL Tuesday #135 – Tools Used for Getting Organized

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Of this month T-SQL, Tuesday Is being held by Mickey bronvski. The theme he chose is “excellent tools of the trade that make your job terrible.” Equipment is the cornerstone of our industry. The SQL Server community is excellent about taking something they create for personal reasons and sharing it with the public. It is great to see that I have taken advantage of many of these tools in my daily life.

My post for T-SQL Tuesday # 135 is going to outline the tools that make my life more organized. About 6 months ago, I was feeling organized in my personal life and work. I have always prided myself on being able to handle any task or project. Simultaneously, I started reading the book Getting things done, And lots of great suggestions were made. The three tools below have helped me stay digitally organized and feel better about getting things done.

To Microsoft

I have gone through many ways of trying to keep track of ideas and actions. I started using to do this First to manage my personal tasks. This was so helpful because I could have a list with each list for each week. I then keep what I need to do daily. (Monday Vacuum, Wednesday Laundry, Friday Dr. Apt, etc.) This was a great help as I would review my list before going to bed for the next day, and it refreshes my mind as to what to complete for the next one. To do. day. And with a wife and 4-year-old son who are always on the move, it helps to retain that insight and saves me from dual booking time.


Pocket I was introduced by someone on Twitter. I saw someone suggest ways to track websites for future review. So I gave it a form and started using websites, which I think I would like to keep for future reference or to read later. I have created tags that group websites together and make them easy to find and review. This tool has helped me organize websites to choose a new laptop computer and recliner. So it has actually proved to be a useful tool for managing websites. And it has a great app for iPhone and iPad and Windows computers.

fully bloomed

fully bloomed RSS is an aggregator or feed manager, depending on how you look at it. There are a lot of blogs on interviews that talk about SQL, PowerShell, Azure, etc., areas that I am very interested in. So with Feedly, I can add the blogs I want to follow, and a new blog post every time. Released by that author, it appears in my feed. And what’s better, as I read them, they are removed from the list, so I don’t read anything many times. One thing with using Feedly is that you can stay behind on all the blogs that can get in. But I will never run out of reading material …

The conclusion

You can see three devices that are currently exciting to me. These help me personally and professionally, and it’s hard to find tools that help in many aspects of your life.

Thank you, Mickey B, for hosting T-SQL Tuesday # 135.

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