That UFO report has us thinking all wrong about the military

This still in the “Gimbal” video shows the unidentified object tracked by a Navy pilot in 2015.

The truth is out there, but it will almost certainly not be in an upcoming report on US military encounters with an aerial phenomenon unknown to the US Congress, or UAP – the phenomenon previously known as UFOs.

in case you missed The latest chapter in the decades-old flying saucer space opera, some 21st-century footage and eyewitness accounts of US Navy pilots support the stories of objects that perform seemingly anti-physics maneuvers in the air (and at sea, in at least one case). Much media attention has been devoted to the subject after the Navy has confirmed the veracity of the footage, and now has to submit a mandatory report from intelligence agencies to Congress on “advanced air threats” by June 25.

early signs show The report would confirm that the UAP is real, but there’s no reason to blame aliens or any other supernatural influences for the strange things pilots and other military types are seeing.

For almost three-quarters of a century now, since at least 1947 and the infamous Roswell accident, there has been critical doubt That the government is withholding secret intelligence about UFOs. (The incident actually involved a government coverup of a program to detect Soviet nuclear tests, not aliens.)

So is all the government’s long-awaited revelation finally at hand? It is possible. Maybe not. But even if so, there is bound to be a decline in it.

there is truth in the numbers

If the UAP is indeed mysterious and unknown (at least one reason to doubt this key adjective actually applies; more on that later) in the eyes of the military, I would argue that the intelligence establishment is wrong to solve the mystery. Institute.

While agencies such as the CIA, the National Reconnaissance Office and the National Security Agency, especially when taken with the rest of the intelligence establishment, are often assumed to be all-seeing, all-hearing and all-knowing, they are also necessarily are opaque, covert and explicitly protective of all the intelligence they collect.

And when it comes to solving what is essentially a scientific mystery, such as an unknown aerial phenomenon, open collaboration based on transparency and the free flow of data and observations is what we really need.

I was thinking about this while reporting on this last week Most energetic gamma ray burst discovered ever seen GRBs are thought to be one of the most powerful explosions in the universe, caused by the collapse of a star. What is relevant here for the UAP discussion is the response to the initial detection of this Super GRB. After it was detected by NASA satellites, an automated notification went out to a network of observatories, and some were able to start collecting their data almost immediately.

The result of this open, instantaneous collaborative process was a plethora of data that scientists were able to analyze, potentially leading to a new understanding of GRBs.

UAP. Footage of “Gimbal”

But when it comes to UAPs, we only have grainy footage from radar and other cockpit equipment and probably some other confirmatory account from within the US Navy. This data has leaked into dribs and dribs over the years, not long after the events happened. It’s like trying to solve a murder that hasn’t been reported years later, when the crime scene and clues go icy.

“It’s impossible to say without access to the raw data and the people who claim to have seen these things,” said Harvard astrophysicist and Jonathan McDowell. Unofficial archivist of all of mankind’s space launches, told me via email. “My position is that the unknown is not the same as the unknown, there is not enough useful information to be analysed.”

McDowell says the paucity of data has led him to suspect that the now widely covered videos show any technology alien or otherwise, “Insects have been wildly mis-estimated, with distances, as opposed to birds.” With Venus in the other the direction is wildly wrong for those not seen directly from the pilot’s eyes, or sensor malfunctions.”

However, there are plenty of people who watch anything of interest in the video without trying very hard, including several former intelligence chiefs, Sen. Harry Reid, and former President Barack Obama, who have said the secret is legitimate.

“We can’t tell how they proceed, their trajectory,” Obama said on The Late Late Show with James Corden. “They didn’t have an easily explainable pattern. And so I think people still take it seriously, trying to investigate [UAP] And find out what that is.”

Abraham Loeb, A Controversial astronomer and authorhas created waves in its quest to convince the world that the strange object called ‘Oumuamua that circled Earth in 2017 was actually an alien spacecraft. He has made no such announcements about UAPs, but says it is noteworthy that these military sightings were detected by a variety of instruments, including radar and infrared and optical cameras.

“It is possible, and likely, that most of the previous reports on UFOs from the general public can be explained as man-made or natural phenomena or illusions, but we need to pay special attention to the small number of reports where evidence are strong and undeniable.”

But Loeb agrees with McDowell that the key is to collect more evidence. Too much evidence.

“Instead of scrutinizing previous reports, it would be prudent to move forward with the best of our tools,” says Loeb. “Instead of declassifying documents reflecting decades-old techniques used by witnesses with no scientific expertise, it would be better to deploy state-of-the-art recording equipment, such as wide-field telescopes or cameras installed on audio sensors. Sites where Reports came from, and search for unusual signs.”

Loeb wants to see some kind of scientific initiative that tries to reproduce old reports of UFOs and UAPs to uncover their secrets. He also said he would be happy to lead such an investigation and report back to Congress.

“This can take the form of a federally nominated committee or a privately funded campaign. Its most important purpose will be to inject scientific rigor and credibility into the discussion.”

Secret or manipulation?

It is all assumed that the UAP is actually a secret to the US military, and here again we have to consider the secrecy that lies in the military and intelligence institutions. The Roswell incident has been attributed to a covert military reconnaissance project, and can be traced back to several UFO sightings. B-2 stealth bombers and other military aircraft that were once classified.

In 2016 an inventor named Salvatore Cesar Paes applied to the US Navy and Patent for a “craft using an inertial mass reduction device”, Which is classified by the US Patent and Trademark Office as an “unconventional spacecraft propulsion system”.

The patent, which was granted in 2018, describes a means of generating electromagnetic fields that basically manipulate gravity in local ways to create a vacuum around the spacecraft, not just the craft’s own mass. but also eliminates water and air resistance.

“As a result, extreme craft speeds can be achieved,” the patent application reads. It also mentions at one point that “these systems will be strategically placed on a spacecraft.”

Patent illustration for seemingly impossible spacecraft

Illustration of one of the patents for the seemingly impossible spacecraft. The patent is assigned to the US Navy.

The patent, along with a few others awarded to Pace and the Navy, originally described technologies that could enable the insane, anti-physics maneuvers reported as UAPs and passed to Congress later this month. will be included in the report.

However, early signs are That the Navy, or any other covert military technology development program, is not going to take credit for being the actual source of any of the UAPs in the report.

And it’s important to note that filing a patent for some distant propulsion concepts does not necessarily mean that such technologies have actually been built or tested, or will even work as described. .

but thanks for some Document Digging by Website The Drive In 2019, we know that the Navy had to persuade the USPTO to grant a patent for Pace’s future craft after it was initially rejected on the grounds that it was impossible or the energy of the entire star to work. would be required.

The Navy responded with a letter from the Naval Aviation Enterprise’s chief technology officer, James Sheaey, explaining that, in fact, Pace was already testing some of the concepts involved. Sheaey ended the note with some bold announcements and revelations:

“I would claim that this will become a reality. China is already making significant investments in this area and I would prefer that we keep the patent as opposed to paying forever more to use this revolutionary technology.”

That’s a lot to digest. In short, Navy pilots and others in the military have reported UAPs with incredible maneuverability for at least the last two decades. Footage of these encounters became public at the same time that the Navy was applying for a patent for a craft capable of incredible maneuverability. Navy has confirmed its veracity…

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