The Channels live TV app now supports PiP on iPhone and Apple TV

What do you want to know?

  • Channels for iPhone and Apple TV now support picture-in-picture.

PiP “just works.”

The channel has long been a popular app for cable cutters who want to be able to enjoy live TV content on their iPhones and Apple TVs but have always been above feature requests – support for picture-in-picture. As of the latest update, it is now available to all.

Announced Via blog post the new update adds picture-in-picture support that, despite Apple’s use of its own media player instead of the original solution, the channel “just works” the way users expect it to.

PIP is very difficult. This requires a native video player, but we do not use a native video player. Fortunately, thanks to the work we have been doing for over a year to modernize our playback engine, we are able to bridge our video player and native PIP player.

This means that PIP now just works. It works without the need for transcoding, without moving, and without the need for a DVR server. When you want PIP, just select the button and you will enter PIP. It works with everything: HDHomeRun videos, TV Everywhere channels, recordings, and more.

Now this means that channel users can enjoy photo-in-picture for the first time and everything will work fine. This is a great example of a developer working around a threshold to bring a highly requested feature to their users and should be fully appreciated.

To ensure that picture-in-picture is enabled on your device.

Apple TV has turned PIP off by default. You can enable it in the settings under playback options. Once you are done, you can use the pip button which goes above the timeline.

iOS has PIP turned on by default. You can use the PIP button in the upper right corner of the video player.

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