The Flight Attendant season 2: Everything we know so far

Kaley Cuoco is flying again in The Flight Attendant Season 2

Prepare for takeoff, because The Flight Attendant Season 2 is flying for HBO Max. Not only was the first season of the dark comedy/thriller a hit for the streaming service, it also garnered a ton of Golden Globe and Emmy nominations. Star Kaley Cuoco celebrates her first Emmy nominee after years of blanking out for The Big Bang Theory.

Flight Attendant Season 2 is introducing a major change when it returns to HBO Max — a move to Los Angeles! The series got a tax break from California, so it’s relocating from New York to sunny LA.

The Flight Attendant follows the titular character, Cassie Bowden, a hard-drinking, good-time girl who jets all over the world for Imperial Airlines. On a flight to Bangkok, she meets a handsome passenger, Alex Sokolov (Michael Huisman), and flirts with him. After landing, they hook up, but Cassie wakes up the next morning to find Alex lying dead in bed next to her.

Frightened and hungry, she decides not to call the police. This is the first in a string of bad decisions that get him in trouble. Cassie’s plight eventually comes to her lawyer friend Annie (Zosia Mamet).

Flight Attendant was initially billed as a mini-series, but a second season was in the manifest from the start.

“I hope it’s not too cocky, but we’ve always had a vision for Season 2,” Cuoco said. We have a very clear path for what Season 2 will look like and we know exactly what it will look like.”

Here’s everything we know so far about Flight Attendant Season 2.

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flight attendant season 2 release date window

This plane is still taxiing. HBO Max hasn’t set a specific release date for The Flight Attendant Season 2. That said, we do have a release date window.

The streamer ordered Season 2 on December 18, a day after the first season finale. In March, WarnerMedia CEO Jason Keeler announced that Flight Attendant was HBO Max’s most-watched series and that season 2 would begin in spring 2022.

flight attendant season 2 cast

Leading the cast of The Flight Attendant. Done through Kelly Cuoco as Cassie Bowden, an employee of Imperial Airlines.

Other cast members who may return for Season 2 include:

  • Zosia Mamet as Annie Mouradian, Cassie’s best friend and a lawyer
  • TR Knight as Davey Bowden how’s brother
  • Rosie Perez as Megan Briscoe An Imperial Airlines flight attendant is now on the run
  • Griffin Matthews as Shane Evans, a flight attendant and secret CIA agent
  • Deniz Akdeniz as Max, Annie’s boyfriend
  • Michelle Gomez as Miranda CroftMILF a killer for hire
  • Merrell Dandridge as Kim Hammond, fbi agent
  • Nolan Gerard Funk as Van White FBI Agent

It’s unlikely that we see other major cast members, like Mitchell Huisman as Alex Sokolov and Colin Woodell as Buckley Ware, because their characters are dead. However, never say never. Eventually, Alex died in Episode 1, but appeared throughout the season in Cassie’s “Mind Palace”. Both he and Buckley could return as visions/ghosts or in flashbacks.

Flight Attendant Season 2 Story and Plot

Before we explore possible stories for Season 2, let’s review The Flight Attendant Season 1 ending.

Cassie and Miranda’s plan to fly to Rome and trap Buckley (aka Felix) goes awry, and Cassie confronts him alone. She is eventually saved by Shane, who turns out to be a CIA operative. Meanwhile, Miranda obtains Alex’s book (with the bank account number) and disappears with the money. With her name cleared, Cassie calms down and returns to work at Imperial Airlines. He also received an offer from Shane to become an “asset” for the CIA.

That’s where The Flight Attendant Season 2 can pick up – with Cassie continuing to fly around the world, outwardly as an airline employee but undertaking covert missions for the CIA. Since he is not trained, we expect his actions to be of a “soft” kind (listening, making connections, etc.).

Season 2 could also follow what happens to Megan, who fled after selling government secrets to North Korea. And we’d love to see what Annie will do after leaving her prestigious law firm and taking a look at Miranda’s (and all that money) whereabouts.

As showrunner Steve Yockey told Variety, “I think the way forward is, actually, for us if we decide to do one more, it will be another adventure for Cassie, sort of a Hitchcock character. : How did he stumble into another misadventure and get caught up in it?”

She continued, “It might sound a little different because she is really trying to live a quiet life and make better choices, but you saw in the show that she chooses crazy things a lot of times and it has nothing to do with it. Is. Wine.”

During the Deadline panel, Cuoco previewed more of what we can expect from Flight Attendant Season 2. One thing fans won’t notice is Sidney Bristow pulling on Cassie Alias.

“When we decided we wanted to do a second season, I was very clear, that I didn’t want Cassie to suddenly be like an amazing FBI agent,” she explained. “We’re going to add to that minor CIA assets on the side. [Cassie] Moves to LA, first year sober, and she makes all the wrong decisions about what you shouldn’t do when you’re sober and she’s going to learn very quickly that it’s not as easy as she thought. “

TBS. on flight attendant

On May 19, TBS announced that it was airing Flight Attendant Season 1 in 2022, ahead of its second season premiere on HBO Max.

And it’s not the only HBO Max original to be replayed on the cable network; The rom-com Love Life starring Anna Kendrick will also air on TBS.

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