TikTok’s new Q&A feature lets creators respond to fan questions using text or video

Tiktok is testing a new video Q&A feature that gives creators answers to their audience’s questions with either text or video answers, the company confirmed. The feature works in both video and Livestream (Tickcock Live) but is currently available only to select creators who have opted into the trial, we understand.

Q & As has become a top way to connect fans on social media, and has proved particularly popular in places like Instagram Stories and other apps Like Snapchat-integrated YOLO, Or even smaller Startups.

However, on TikTok, Q & As is now a big part of the commenting experience, as many creators respond to personal comments by publishing a new video that interprets their answer in more detail than a brief, text commentary is. Sometimes these answers are meant to clarify or add context, while other times the creators will take to their bullies and trolls with their video responses. As a result, the TikTok comment section has evolved to play a larger role in shaping TikTok trends and culture.

Q&A is also a major tool for creators to connect with fans. But it can be difficult for creators to keep up with the flood of questions and comments through the current live chat interface.

Considering how the producers were already using Q & As with their fans, the idea of ​​the new feature came about. Like the existing “Reply to comments with video” feature, the Q&A option lets creators answer questions directly to their audience. Where available, users will be able to specify their comments as questions by tapping on the Q&A button in the comment area of ​​the video, or they can submit questions directly via the Q&A link on the manufacturer’s profile page.

For creators, the feature simplifies the process of answering questions, as it allows them to see all their fans’ questions in one place.

There are no limits to the number of questions a creator can get, although they do not have to answer each one.

This feature was first seen by the social media consultant Matt Navarra, Which posted screenshots of what it looks like in action, including how it appears on users’ profiles.

During testing, the new Q&A feature is being made available only to creators with public producer accounts with more than 10,000 followers and who have opted into the feature in their settings, TikTok confirmed. Today the trial participants include some of the safe-listed creators of Tiktok’s Creative Learning Fund program, Announced last year, among others.

TikTok says the Q&A feature is currently under testing globally and aims to connect more users to Creator accounts in the coming weeks.

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