Trailblazers in Film and TV: Writer-Director, Kasi Lemmons

In honor of Black History Month, ‘Sellers’ informs us about the dazzling and tremendous career of writer-director Kasi Lemon.

Happy Black History Month, Script Magazine readers! I am honored to be able to reach you and share some of my personal tips, tricks, and trade secrets.

A little background about me, I am a horror screenwriter based out of Burbank, California – the media capital of the world! I am also the author of 2019 Fatal dispatch, A thriller feature from the TvOne Network. In my spare time, I run a non-profit organization called The Social Ripple Effect, which aims to combat misinformation in politics.

Now that we are properly introduced, let’s take a look. In honor of Black History Month, I would like to introduce all of you to one of my favorite leading black filmmakers, How lemon.

Some of you have known Kasi since 1992 candy Man, Where she played the role of loyal bestie and college student Bernadette. Most of what you are reading will not know that Kasi has made a bright career behind the camera. It began with her first feature, Eve’s Bau Megan Good (The Introducer) starring Journey Smollett (Lovecraft Country), and Samuel L. Jackson (Avengers). It is a gripping tale of the black experience in a southern Gothic horror setting. Lemon both directed and wrote the project, which has since become a cult classic in the Black Horror community.

Eve’s Bau, Trimark Pictures

From there, Lemons was careful in selecting his projects, choosing primarily to work on films that he could write and direct. He once said in an interview with Wheeler Winston Dixon Film Talk: Director at Work, About writing, I’ve been writing scripts all the time, pretty much every day for fourteen years… I have to write scripts because that’s the only way I can write the parts that a lot of people will meet with whom I really want to work with Am involved

Just last year Lemons directed the annoying trust story titled Harriet Tubman, Harriet, Starring Cynthia Arevio – leading to Irvo’s first Oscar nomination. The film garnered rave reviews from critics and audiences alike.

Kasey Lemons, Focus Features on Set of “Harriet”

Before her career behind the camera, Lemon was a busy actress, appearing in films such as The equalizer, School maze, And the silence of the Lambs.

in the book Why we make movies: Black filmmakers talk about the magic of cinema, Regarding Lemon, it is said, “I don’t get up every day saying ‘I’m a black woman’ because it’s also a given, but I feel like an artist every day and I think I am an artist. ”

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Features are not the only places Lemons shines, it also enters the television directing pool, which has helmed episodes for projects, Luke Cage, shots fired, And Self Made: Inspired by the life of Madam CJ Walker. It’s no wonder Lemon sees himself as an artist … that is! His ability to jump in front of the camera, then behind the camera makes him one of the greatest filmmakers in our industry.

How lemon

I am a strong proponent of giving people their flowers while they can still collect them. We have lost a lot of great black artists within a year, including the amazing Cicely Tyson and the extraordinary Chadwick Boseman. I encourage all those reading this to have a look at Kasi Lemmons’ small but powerful body and give him the praise he still deserves. Filmmaking, especially screenwriting, is a strict and often solitary medium. It takes a true love of the craft to be able to last twenty years in the business, which is why when you watch the Kasi Lemon film, you can feel that passion through the screen.

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