Twelve South StayGo USB-C Hub Review – Expensive but excellent & reliable USC-C hub to use as a desktop docking station

Most of us are working from home, many of us looking for ways to improve our productivity and comfort while staying at home.

I am fortunate to work from home in a dedicated office with a desktop, but most people I know are working from laptops. As good as laptops are, I find that my productivity has decreased significantly with smaller screens, cramped keyboards, and annoying trackpads.

Depending on your laptop, your ability to convert it to a desktop will vary, nowadays many ultraports are limited to USB-C only.

The USB hub fixes most of these problems, and thanks to the available bandwidth on USB-C it can be used for more things than adding some new USB-A ports.

There are hundreds of options on Amazon with wildly varying prices. Twelve South Stegio is more expensive than the brands named for £ 99.99, but I have found that it is worth the investment.

stay USB-C Hub Features

Twelve South StayGo | USB-C Hub Type C for MacBook, Laptop…

  • Stay or go: Stego involves using a 1-meter cable …
  • DECLUTTER: Includes 1-meter cable gives you …
  • Multilingual connection: 4K HDMI port, (2) USB A3.0 …
  • Plug and Play: no software required, …
  • USB-C cable to built-in-go + 1m desktop cable
  • 85W USB-C PD Fifth Charging (can take up to 100W but 15w is used for devices on the hub)
  • 4k HDMI – 4K x 2k @ 30Hz HDMI / Full 1080p
  • USB-A 3.0 / BC 1.2 Charging Port – BC 1.2 up to 5 Gbps with 7.5W Fast Charge
  • USB-A 3.0 – up to 5 Gbps superspeed with 900mA power
  • USB-A 3.0 – up to 5 Gbps superspeed with 900mA power
  • Gigabit Ethernet port – support 10/100 / 1000Mbps via RJ45 connection
  • SD Card – Secure Digital v3.0 UHS-I
  • Micro SD Card – Secure Digital v3.0 UHS-I

In use

1m desktop cable is ideal if you want to remove the hub to hide the cable

When I work on a desktop at home, I have an HP Envy X2 that I use for CCTV and an additional display for notifications. When traveling or visiting family, I always have my Huawei Netbook 13.

It ticks every box for everything I need from a hub, and I hope it’s true for almost everyone.

For home use, the HP Envy x2 only has a single USB-C port, so I’m able to keep the laptop on charge and connect to Ethernet for more reliable streams from my CCTV.

For my Huawei Netbook 13, I use it to set up a little working environment when visiting family, allowing me to charge the laptop as well as a proper keyboard and mouse. To take a lot of product photos with me, the SD card slot is perfect when I need to move and edit things. At some point, I will probably invest in a portable monitor that will work well with this hub as well.

Built-in slide out cable

I have used other USB-C hubs in the past. The USB-C adapter worked well and had a built-in USB-C cable, it is cheaper but has fewer ports, and I also found that there is some power loss when using it, In the office, with something I cannot live with.

I have then used various low-cost solutions from Amazon, which can be as cheap as £ 30. They work fine, but I think they suffer from intermittent performance issues. In particular, when permanently connected to USB charging portstraws and Ethernet, they always suffer from intermittent disconnects.

So far, StayGo has not had any problems.

Price and optional options

Twelve South StayGo is £ 99.99 on Amazon.

The Belkin USB C Hub, 11-in-1 is the same price and has more connectivity options, including display ports or VGA for legacy connections. The USB-C cable is physically connected, so you don’t have more flexibility than the StayGo’s two cables.

Apple doesn’t have such a hub, but they’ll charge you £ 75 for a USB-C monitor adapter with 4K compatibility and passthrough charging, which is a complete rip-off.

The official Microsoft Surface dock station is £ 183.50.

Or if you have a Thunderbolt, a desktop dock can cost well north of £ 200


The stay USB-C hub has everything I want from a USB-C hub; There are more than enough ports to convert your laptop to a full-fledged desktop system. Then for any laptop with USB-C charging, an 85W post string charge should suffice.

Most importantly, it does it all reliably; There is no disconnect, no noise, it just works.

It is based on the high end of devices that offer this type of functionality, but other brand names such as Belkin similar and official Apple stuff charge more. Due to my experience with poor reliability from cheap alternatives, I would say it is well worth spending a little extra here

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