Twitch on SharePlay and new Game Center widget announced at WWDC 2021

The Apple WWDC 2021 stream has just wrapped, detailing all the new and exciting things that each of Apple’s platforms has in store. While it focused primarily on the new iOS, there were some tasty bits of gaming integration coming to Apple devices.

watch twitch with shareplay

SharePlay is a new way to spend time with people who are not around you. SharePlay allows people to share their screen so that they can watch videos together. It also works with the Twitch app, allowing viewers to watch streams.

In-game events displayed on the Widget and App Store

In-game events can be displayed directly on the home screen with the new App Events widget. It will be posted so players know when big events are happening. The events will also take place on the game’s product pages in the App Store. Apple owners can curate their favorite apps so that they can be notified on the widget for the games and apps they’re actually interested in. mobile game events pokemon go and fire emblem hero Now it will be easier to find without having to constantly check inside apps.

Game Center is now a bigger widget for iPads

Game Center is now a large widget that players can apply to their iPad screen. This now-dedicated screen can keep all game information and achievement progress in one place. Players can keep their friends list on this widget so that they know who is active and who is playing the game.

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