Twitter Lets Users Retroactively Change Who Can Reply to Tweets

The update is aimed at people whose tweets get unexpected attention or unwanted replies.

It’s hard to know how different people will react to your public views, which is why Twitter introduced the ability to change who can reply to a tweet after you’ve sent it.

Building on a 2020 feature that lets users choose who can reply when composing a message, the update could prove particularly useful for people whose posts receive unexpected attention or unwanted reactions. Simply tap the three-dot menu in the top right corner of a Tweet to modify the “Change who can reply” option. The function, according to Mashable, is rolling out globally on iOS, Android and the web.

Tweets default to opening conversations automatically, allowing anyone to offer their two cents. But since August, users had the option to limit replies to “everyone,” “people you follow,” or “only people you mention.” And while participation is limited, anyone can view the dialogue online, the idea of ​​keeping the conversation open while preventing harassment—actively and now, retroactively.

A company spokesperson told Mashable, “We’ve learned that conversation settings help some people feel safer by limiting these unwanted replies so they can participate in more meaningful conversations, while allowing people to see different perspectives.” Permission is granted.” It’s not quite an edit button, but it does provide some relief from the excitement and pressure exerted by virtual strangers.

Twitter has been busy testing various features, including the planned $2.99-per-month Twitter Blue Premium subscription, which includes the coveted ability to “undo tweets,” as well as the option to save posts to “archive.” Last month, the social network began soliciting feedback on “early concepts,” such as the ability to mention itself.

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