US Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg is coming to Disrupt

Myriad emerging and long-term transportation technologies promise to change how people and packages move about the world or in their neighbourhoods. They also present myriad regulatory and policy hurdles that lawmakers, advocates and even investors and industry executives are attempting to navigate.

In the center – at least in the United States – sits Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. The small-town mayor in Indiana became a presidential candidate and now a cabinet member under the Biden administration oversees nascent technologies like public transportation, highway safety and autonomous vehicles. The Harvard graduate, Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University and former US Navy officer is in a position to bring complexity or clarity to the future of transportation.

At Disrupt 2021, Secretary Buttigieg will join us in a fireside chat, where we’ll dig into some of the toughest questions surrounding transportation and how to ensure that getting from Point A to Point B is a universal right, not a privilege. We’ll ask Buttigieg about micromobility and public transportation, President Biden’s pressure to use electric vehicles by the federal government, autonomous vehicle guidance and new regulatory requirements for reporting vehicle accidents when an advanced driver assist and Automated driving systems are engaged – a move that could spark a new wave of startups and benefit some in-car technologies.

Result: If it involves technology that moves people and packages, we aim to talk about it.

Secretary Buttigieg is one of several high-profile speakers who will be on our Disrupt Stage and Extra Crunch Stage. Writers, directors, actors and house plant co-founder Seth Rogen HousePlant’s Chief Commercial Officer Hanine Davis and Co-Founder and CEO Michael Mohr to talk about the weed business, Duolingo CEO & Co-Founder Ego to Louis Earlier this year Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong will discuss gaming education and preparation for the public offering and dig into the volatile world of cryptocurrency and his company’s massive direct listing.

Other speakers include Twitter CISO Rinki Sethi, Founder and CEO of Calendly avotona stop, Mirror Co-Founder and CEO Brian Putnam, Evil Genius CEO Nicole LaPointe Jameson and Andreessen Horowitz General Partner Katie Houno.

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