Why Mate Rimac is working on electric robotaxis

Mate Rimac, founder and CEO of Croatian electric hypercar and components developer Rimac Automobili, started a separate company about three years ago to work on electric roboticaxis.

Little is known about the company, which still operates in secret. Rimack told Nerdshala this week at TC Sessions: Mobility 2021 that he hopes to keep this separate company under wraps until the team is ready to show off what it’s working on.

Rimac provided some of the details it described as an electric robotics company. He added that the company has offices in Croatia and the UK and may expand to other locations. Rimac also said that the company intends to become a global operator and they expect to reveal what the team is working on early next year.

“Why stealth mode?,” Rimack asked during the interview. “Because there’s a lot of hot air in this industry, and a lot of PowerPoint companies, you know, announcing big things and not delivering, etc. We didn’t want to be that company, we wanted to do a lot of things — and under- Like promised, over-delivery.”

Little was known about the existence of the company until last month when local media found out a Croatia Ministry of Transport Filing Which describes a proposed project involving an urban mobility ecosystem that uses electric autonomous vehicles. While Rimack notes that it was an unfortunate discovery, he wishes to properly reveal his work.

“People see us as a hypercar company,” Rimac said, adding that the company is seen as focusing on ultra-high net worth individuals. (In fact, Rimac Automobili just unveiled a production version of its Concept 2 vehicle. The renamed Navara is valued at $2.44 million.) “We have a lot of other things to cook and a long-term outlook. The new dynamics will really be a change in society. Like phones didn’t just change the phone industry. Apple not only disrupted Nokia, but changed our lives. I think the next big change we’ll have is mobility.

Rimac could not find information about the autonomous driving system, sensors or the design of the vehicle.

“We think a lot of people are missing the big picture and focusing on certain building blocks, such as autonomous driving systems,” he said. “We believe that perhaps it is not the differentiator itself, that there are some other differentiating factors within the ecosystem of autonomous mobility.”

Rimac later said that Robotaxi’s user experience is one area it focuses on and believes it may be different than others.

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