Windows 11 is full of delightful detail

Microsoft’s Animation Work in Windows 11 Is Refreshing

Microsoft’s Windows 11 Preview has been available for a couple of weeks now, but I’m still discovering new animations and details in this new OS that put a smile on my face. While the new Start menu and focused taskbar are the obvious changes in Windows 11 that you’ll notice straight away, it’s the small animations throughout the OS that really make it feel fresher and more alive than ever.

Microsoft has Started giving details Windows 11 and some of the design approaches used for it Attention to detail for daily subtle conversations. This includes things like a checkbox that has an animated tick that lets you know at ease when you interact with it, or a settings cog that spins when you hover over it. As you move around the OS, a lot of buttons in Windows 11 pop up with faint hints of life or boom.

A Windows 11 button comes to life.
Image: Microsoft Design

These little animations can be found throughout Windows 11.
Image: Microsoft Design

It’s the attention to detail that makes Windows 11 feel fresh and new but still familiar to use on a daily basis. Animations are often playful but are equal parts useful in providing an important visual cues for you to interact with. Thankfully, they’re not in your face, slow, or annoying, mostly because Microsoft designed them to be cool. “There is a great need for peace in today’s world… Windows 11 facilitates this through basic experiences that feel familiar, soften formerly intimidating UIs, and increase emotional connection,” Microsoft’s design team says.

While subtle animations can be cool, the option to center the taskbar and replace the Start menu is the more significant change in Windows 11. “After hearing people need more efficiency and less noise when using Start, we designed a cleaner and simpler experience that puts people at the center of their favorite apps and documents they need by prioritizing them,” said Microsoft. “It’s also optimized for modern device form factors and enables easy access for all screen sizes, from Surface Go to ultrawide monitors,” says its design team.

New Windows 11 Start Menu vs Windows 10.
Image: Microsoft Design

Windows 11 also improves the out-of-box experience (OOBE) when you first set up the machine. The settings you configure are a lot more useful than in Windows 10, including naming your PC and setting up a PC how you want to use it. Sometimes, it’s the little things that matter.

Microsoft has also added rounded corners to much of Windows 11, new iconography, and an updated Segoe UI variable font. Like most Windows 11, these are subtle changes that you only start to notice after using the OS for a few days. Microsoft also worked with Design Studio six n five To make the most of the wallpapers that you will see in Windows 11. They are mostly focused to match the Start menu. “We want your journey in Windows 11 to be truly focused from the start,” says Microsoft.

However, the design of Windows 11 is certainly not perfect. This is a work in progress, but there are still many discrepancies in this preview that need to be fixed. At times, it seems that Microsoft is mixing together the Windows of a decade ago with this modern and simple UI. It takes a lot to overhaul something as big and spacious as Windows, so expect the final product to smooth out some teething and rough edges.

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