Apple Wallet update is close to replacing your wallet with iOS 15

Apple Wallet is improving in such a big way, that it’s getting very close to replacing your actual wallet. During its WWDC 2021 event, Apple announced the biggest update to Wallet for deeper integration into all aspects of our lives.

The digital wallet is much closer to reality with the upcoming update of Apple Wallet with the release of iOS 15. Apple Pay has always been a strong feature of the Wallet app, but it goes beyond just paying for goods and services.

First, you’ll soon have the ability to use your iPhone to unlock Smart Lock at home. This may not be a new idea, as smart locks have always provided users with a hands-free experience for locking and unlocking. However, iOS 15 will give iPhone owners the ability to use Apple Wallet to access Smart Lock — all conveniently in one place — rather than relying on third-party apps.

Secondly, Apple Wallet will act as your digital key to access hotel rooms and your car. With this integration, it means one less thing you need to carry with you – or worse, get lost or misplaced. Even though other implementations have been around to achieve this, its integration with the Wallet app should make for a much simpler, more straightforward process.

And finally, you will soon be able to add your government-issued ID card to the Wallet app, but this will vary from state to state. This is undoubtedly the biggest, most ambitious feature to come to Apple Wallet since the availability of Apple Pay. Just imagine, your driver’s license can be stored on your iPhone. All these new features with Apple Wallet in iOS 15 mean that your iPhone will be more connected to your daily life than ever before.

This is all exciting news coming from WWDC 2021, but Apple Wallet is going to be more important than ever. If you’re worried about losing your iPhone and having your information stolen, there are identity cards stored in Wallet encrypted in secure element, which is the same exact hardware technology used by Apple Pay to make it private and secure. It’s been a long time coming, but there may be a day when the only wallet you need to carry with you is just an iPhone. We are getting closer to that reality.

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