Fingerbot Plus has more pressing power to make dumb appliances smart

There are many ways to turn a “dumb” appliance into a smart one, via smart plugs, smart switches, and more, but when it comes to pressing buttons, there just aren’t a ton of options—until now, anyway. The Fingerbot Plus is a small, $25 device that can push buttons for you. It can turn on almost anything from a wall-mounted light switch to your coffee machine or printer. You could say this is the Chromecast of Smart Switch.

Fingerbot Plus is battery operated. We covered the original model of the Fingerbot back in 2019, but the Fingerbot Plus stands apart for its strong pressing power, extended range, and integrated touchpad for manual controls. You can get about eight months of use on a single charge, and it attaches easily to devices thanks to the 3M tape. You can control the Fingerbot Plus through the app, or you can touch the button on the side of the device to trigger it manually.

You can also control the Fingerbot Plus via voice, but that requires adding an additional accessory called the Adapox Home Hub. This makes it compatible with your favorite voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant as well as other services like IFTTT.

The Fingerbot Toolkit allows you to adjust the size of the Fingerbot to give it extensive control. For example, you can make it a toggle switch, press and hold it, or click it depending on the type of switch you need to activate. The company behind Fingerbot also provides templates for you to design and allows for an almost unlimited number of applications if you have a scenario that isn’t covered by the default functions.

Through the use of Adaprox HomeHub, you can set up automation. For example, you can set the Fingerbot Plus to turn off your air purifier when you open your window, or you can set a schedule so that it activates your electric kettle just before you wake up. So that you have hot water ready for coffee.

Fingerbot Plus is currently available $25. kickstarter for, with an estimated shipping date of Aug. However, as with any pledge, just keep in mind that it’s not a guarantee you’ll get one.

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