Nokia partners with Smartlabs to launch universal smart light switches

SmartLabs and Nokia have joined hands to launch the new Nokia Smart Lighting. They boast a clean aesthetic that feels like it stepped out of a high-end home design magazine, with a matte finish and screw-less wall plates. No word has been given about whether the lighting system is as durable as Nokia phones have traditionally been.

Thanks to SmartLabs’ universal technology, any light fixture, bulb type and wiring configuration can be set up to work with these new smart lights. You can control the lights through the Android and iOS apps, via a voice assistant, or through physical controls. The product line includes both a pedal and a dial switch for easy control.

The smart lighting system provides intuitive controls that anyone can use while enabling smart control over traditionally unconnected lights. It’s a perfect choice for those who don’t want to equip their entire home with smart bulbs, but instead want to connect their entire system to a series of smart switches.

By pressing your finger on the Nokia Smart Lighting Switch.

What sets Smart Lighting apart from Nokia and SmartLabs is the dual-mesh network it uses to deliver nearly unparalleled performance and connectivity. The system combines a radio frequency connection with a powerline connection to ensure performance, even when Wi-Fi is down – or if someone has turned the power switch off. The two types of connections work together and do not interrupt each other. The modern home presents a lot of obstacles to a wireless signal due to the walls, interference from other devices, and even the distance of the device from the router.

A dual mesh network overcomes these obstacles by using existing wiring within the home. It’s a technology that was first seen in early smart homes, but fell out of favor as Wi-Fi became more prevalent. In addition, Nokia smart lighting works as repeaters, reproducing the signal throughout the network to increase range and allow an almost unlimited number of devices in the home.

The system includes a keypad, a bridge, outlets and a variety of wall switches. Nokia and Smartlabs Smart Lighting System is now available for Pre-order from Nokia’s website Starting between $40 and $60 per device, with wall plates available in 1, 2, 3, or 4 gang versions.

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