Wyze’s new Light Strip Pro dazzles in up to 16 different colors simultaneously

The smart lighting market is full of innovative, flashy products, all of which are equally likely to blow a hole through your wallet. Philips Hue and LIFX are especially to blame for high-priced products, but no one can deny their quality. Now Wyze is back in its usual game, offering the same high level of quality at a much lower price point. The company has announced two new products: Wyze Light Strip and Wyze Light Strip Pro.

Wyze Light Strip Comes in two lengths. The 16.4-foot version is $26, while the 32.8-foot version is $36. There is free shipping in both sizes. The downside is that the strip can only display one color at a time, but there are over 16 million colors to choose from.

Wyze Light Strip Pro Also comes in a 16.4-foot version at $31 and a 32.8-foot version at $45. Again, both options include free shipping. What sets Light Strip Pro apart is that each strip can display 16 different colors at once and is capable of displaying more advanced lighting effects.

The Wyze light strip shown behind the sofa.

However, both Light Strip and Light Strip Pro have a number of advanced features that make them a perfect fit for any room. Their design means you can trim the bar to fit any space, and other features include:

  • music mode Uses a built-in microphone on both light strips to sync the lights to your favorite tunes so you can do your mini-rave in your bedroom.
  • sun match Allows you to automatically sync the color temperature of your lights with the sun. This means your home’s lighting will match the current time of day and help you wake up or calm down without disrupting your circadian rhythm.
  • vacation mode Mimicking a person’s presence in your home can act as a line of defense, even when you’re away.
  • voice control Lets you control both strips with Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant.
  • sleep routine Lets you set custom timers to brighten or dim the lights to help you wake up in the morning.

You can also create custom automations through services like IFTTT and sync the Wyze Light Strip with other devices in your home to give you a more relaxed atmosphere while watching your favorite TV shows, during the night, and more. So to receive.

Both light strips are now available for preorder through Wyze’s website.

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