Xbox Can Now Let Parents Limit a Child’s Spending on Microtransactions

Microsoft added spending controls to the Xbox Family Settings app, saying it was a key feature requested by parents.

(credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft is adding a feature that parents have been requesting for Xbox game consoles: the ability to restrict a child from sneaking up on virtual objects using a credit card.

In-game item purchases, also known as micro-transactions, can quickly increase credit card bills if left unchecked. As a result, Microsoft is introducing a new function in the Xbox Family Settings app designed to manage child spending on the console

The Xbox team described Controls as “one of the top pieces of feedback” it’s received from parents regarding the Xbox Family Settings app, which Microsoft launched last year.

“Feedback ranges from ‘I want to add money to my child’s account as a reward for good grades on their report card’. Can I do this from the app?’ ‘I want to give my child an allowance for spending money on games through the app,’ and ‘How do I manage how much money my son can spend while gaming? I don’t want any surprises!'” The company wrote in a post on Tuesday.

This function will let the parent deposit a certain amount of money into the child’s account for the Xbox console. If the money runs out, kid with tough luck – you’ll have to ask your mom or dad for more please.

(credit: Xbox)

“The amount of money you decide to add to your child’s account may apply to any purchases, including games, in-game purchases such as skins and apps,” the company said.

Of course, parents can choose to never link the credit card to a child’s Xbox account. This will prevent the risk of a spending spree in the first place. But Microsoft has come up with an optional function called “Ask to Buy,” which requires a child to first obtain permission from a parent to make a purchase if they no longer have enough funds in their account balance. is not.

Xbox Family Settings App(credit: Xbox)

“Parents can then make purchases on their child’s behalf (if it’s a game or app), or add money to their account for in-game purchases, such as a new skin or accessory,” the company said. . “And if you don’t want to approve the purchase, just select the ‘Reject’ button on the notification you receive.”

Parents can download the Xbox Family Settings app for both iOS and Android. Through the app, parents can also view the spending history on the child’s account along with the current account balance.

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