Xbox Series X timed exclusive The Medium is coming to PS5

Medium arrives on PS5 on September 3rd and will tap into DualSense controller haptics

medium, which was considered large xbox series x and xbox series Time Exclusive, Coming PS5 on september 3

That date appears to be the cut-off point for console exclusivity for the Blobber team’s horror game. and they are lucky to have achieved a PS5 Restock looking forward to enjoy dualsense controller Enhanced haptic feedback when playing The Medium on Sony’s game console.

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Critics are divided on Medium, so basically the loss of the first major exclusives of the Xbox Series X and Series S may not come as such a shock to those who care about PS5 vs. Xbox Series X fight; Spoiler: Both are great and both have won.

and with the choice of starfieldhandjob Fable 4 and hello infinity On its way out, Xbox fans have a lot more exclusive games to wave at PS5 players. That said, people in the Sony camp have God of War 2: Ragnarok and Horizon Forbidden West to look forward, as well returnalhandjob Ratchet & Clank: A Crack Apart and demon spirits to play now.

The Blobber team said that The Medium would use the PS5’s hardware, but did not elaborate on what exactly it would include. We suspect the game will render at a native 4K resolution and load too quickly thanks to the PS5’s faster SSD. Since The Medium is a horror game, there is room to use PS5’s 3D Audio Capabilities Provided by Sony’s Tempest 3D Audiotech, but not mentioned by the Blobber team.

However, to celebrate this cross-game-console release, the Blobber team will also release The Medium: Two Worlds Special Launch Edition in certain regions. It comes with an exclusive Steelbook for all three game consoles, the game’s soundtrack, and a 32-page hardcover artbook.

So if you haven’t given the game a spin yet and prefer metal game cases and artbooks, this may be the version to wait. Pricing for the special edition hasn’t been revealed yet, but the standard PS5 version of The Medium will cost $49.

As it stands, The Medium is available on Xbox Game Pass, which $9.99. starts from One month and gives Xbox players access to a vast array of Xbox games, old and new. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members get access to a wide selection of Xbox games, PC games, and xCloud game streaming, all for $14.99 per month, which is a bargain.

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