Fans will be hard-pressed to find a game in the Nintendo Switch’s library that has the cast as famous as super smash bros ultimate, It celebrates many different corners of not only the company’s history, but gaming in general. The roster features some of the most iconic gaming characters in one place, with many recognizable faces and companies represented. After launch, a total of twelve DLC characters were added, along with Sora. Kingdom Hearts Rounding out the last batch of fighters.

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Many fans know that during Sora’s adventures, he has met characters from several Disney properties, as well as characters from Square Enix. last dream Chain. It features two of the most iconic characters Final Fantasy 7, Cloud and Sephiroth. Both these characters are also part of the roster of super smash bros ultimate, with Cloud becoming available in the base game and Sephiroth being added last year. All of these characters were created and designed by Tetsuya Nomura of Square Enix, who commented on the inclusion of these characters in the game and the welcome addition to fans.


Nomura was interviewed by GameSpot, along with several other gaming industry figures. super smash bros ultimateFinal roster of When Claude’s eternal nemesis was revealed last year, he confirmed that he was watching the reaction video on social media. Nomura explained, “I think Sephiroth was very unpredictable, so it was fun to see how surprised people were.” “Given that he was the second Final Fantasy VII character to be added to the game, I was somewhat unsure whether it was okay for him to take up one of those precious slots on the roster. I was relieved to see that people accepted him. Responded positively.

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In regards to Nomura’s comments about Sora, he said it got to the trouble of Square Enix for doing so. This included the declaration that Kingdom Hearts The chain will be coming to the Switch. He noted that he was delighted and that fans’ reaction exceeded his expectations, with Sora and Mario’s handshake being a major highlight in the scene at the end.

When Nomura was asked how did it feel to see these three legendary JRPG figures? super smash bros ultimate, he said, “It’s truly an honor that Claude, Sephiroth, and now Sora—not only one or two of the characters I helped create, but three of them—have been invited into a world in which the characters such an impressive group.” Nomura’s final comment thanked fans for supporting the trio so much, and hoped that the late Satoru Iwata was just as happy about their joining.

super smash bros ultimate Now available for Nintendo Switch.

Source: gamespot

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