Thank the Saints, Shadow and Bone season 2 has started filming

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Shadow and Bone Season 2 has officially entered production — and, after almost a year of waiting, we finally know who will be playing the fan-favorite characters in Nikolai and Waylon.

Announced in a video before filming begins on Shadow and Bone Season 2, the cast of the Netflix show confirmed that cameras have started rolling once again in Budapest.


But that’s not the only news that’s making Shadow and Bone fans go “Thank you Saints!” Will scream Frequently. Four new cast members for the Netflix show were also revealed, including actors who will portray beloved characters in Nikolai and Waylon.

Check out the video below:

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Patrick Wolfe (Tolkien, The Darkest Minds) will play Nikolai Lantsov, who also goes by the pseudonym Sturmhound, in Leigh Bardugo’s fantasy novel series. In the books, the former king of Ravka reinvents himself as the leader of a pirate squad in order to hide his true identity from The Darkling.

Of the newly announced quartet, Mortal Kombat star Lewis Tan is arguably the most famous. Tan Tolya will portray Yul-Batar, a Grisha Hartrender and member of Nikolai’s pirate crew.

Wolfe will play Waylon Hendrix – in the novels, he is known as Waylon Van Eck, but his name has been changed for the Netflix TV adaptation. In Bardugo’s series, Waylon joins the Dregs as a demolition specialist and helps them rescue someone named Bol Yul-Bur from the Ice Court, a Fjerdan stronghold.

In the end, Brophy will play Tolya’s twin brother Tamar Kir-Batar, another Heartrender but a former member of Nikolai’s crew. Curiously, Tamar doesn’t appear in Shadow & Bone’s mainline trilogy of books, but we’ll explain why she is in Season 2 below.

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Recent reports suggested principal photography on Shadow and Bone Season 2 would begin in early January. And, based on these announcements, those rumors have turned out to be true.

It is unclear how long Season 2 will be in production. However, filming on the first season of Shadow and Bone took four months to complete. If the sequel takes that long, the principal photography may end around May. If that happens, we could possibly see Shadow and Bone Season 2 in the last few months of 2022, which will be a great early Christmas present.

Analysis: Shadow and Bone season 2 story will include more than one book

The new cast members of Shadow and Bone offer an interesting glimpse of the potential storylines of Season 2.

As we mentioned, the addition of Tamar Keir-Batter to the cast confirms that Shadow and Bone Season 2 Will Attracted by more than one novel. Why? Because Tamar does not appear in the three main entries of the book series.

Tamar’s first appearance is in King of Scars, an offshoot from the main trilogy that stars Nikolai Lantsov, Nina Zenic (played by Danielle Galligan on the show) and, perhaps most importantly, Zoya Nazalensky, who plays the Sujaya Dasgupta TV show. play in.

Given that Tamar and her twin brother Tolya meet Zoya in King of Scars, and that the trio are part of the Season 2 cast, we are Very It is confident to say that Season 2’s plot will include elements of Siege and Storm, along with King of Scars That – the second novel in the main trilogy – and possibly the second book in Crooked Kingdom, another spin-off book series. Which continues the story of Dregs.

The show’s first season included elements of Six of Crow – the first novel to star Drags – along with Shadow and Bone, the first novel in the mainline series, so Netflix has had previous years for combining stories from the books in its TV adaptation. is form.

After adding four new characters from various books to the series in Shadow and Bone Season 2, we have to wonder if Siege and Storm are plot threads from Crooked Kingdom. And King of Scars doesn’t complement Season 2’s eight-episode run. Hopefully, we’ll get some sort of official confirmation at the Paris Rooster Con, with the Shadow and Bone Season 2 panel at the event taking place between January 22 and 23.

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