The 13 Best Subscription Boxes for Gifting

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is there any Who on your list have you almost given up hope of buying? Don’t throw your hands in the air just yet—consider the subscription box.

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Subscription boxes are great gifts for everyone, but especially those that aren’t that easy to buy. There are boxes for almost every interest, and your giftee gets to try a bunch of stuff that would be too expensive for you to compile yourself. You can buy them in a month, but we think three months are the perfect gift because they’ll feel that warmth again and again.

None of the options below require a contract, so you can cancel at any time (check the fine print for how many days before billing you need to notify them). If you buy a more than one-month subscription, you can cancel auto-renewal, but you won’t get money back for boxes that haven’t shipped yet. We’ve noticed when boxes have different gift options that usually cost a bit more but you won’t have to worry about canceling.


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