The 14 Best Weekend Deals on Gaming, Tech, and Cycling Gear

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next season Coming fast and the temperature is dropping. Whether you refuse to be chased indoors or retreat to the heated living room, we won’t judge you. Check out these deals on video games, cycling apparel, and record player accessories; You may just spark a new lifelong passion.

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gaming deals


Logitech G Pro X

Photograph: Logitech

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We think the Logitech G Pro X (8/10, Wired recommend) is one of the most comfortable gaming headsets out there. It’s not wireless, but it looks elegant, produces a wide sound stage, and you can use Logitech’s software to control the quality of your voice. Made in collaboration with Mike Blue, and it’s excellent.

Hey! Listen! Nintendo games rarely go on sale, and this small discount is on Masterful breath of the wild Brings the game to a below average price. If you haven’t picked it up for your Switch yet, now’s the time to catch up before the sequel arrives in 2022.

Enjoy the click-clack, tactile feel of mechanical key switches as you defeat Nazis and aliens. This wireless board delivers up to 40 hours on a single charge and has customizable RGB lighting. If you need help rationalizing a purchase, remember that mechanical keyboards typically last well over a decade of regular use.

This pro-grade webcam built for streaming jumps a lot in price, and it recently dropped to as low as $150. That’s still an unusually low price, and it’s a great option if you plan to jump to Twitch in game form. You’ll need to download Razer’s Synapse software and tweak a few settings to get the picture quality you want, but the resulting image is sharp and excellent.

cycling deals

Gore Wear C7 Windstopper Pro

Photo: Backcountry

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The C7’s trim fit is perfect for cycling where you don’t want baggy fabric hanging around the handlebars. Its Gore Windstopper fabric cuts through wind and rain drizzle to keep you pedaling whenever the weather turns on you, and reflective logos make you more visible to traffic.

If it’s not cold enough outside for a full jacket, you can get by with a pair of tight, elastic arm warmers. The antimicrobial treatment keeps them from getting smelly as quickly as other, non-treated synthetic arm warmers. These are sold as a pair.

Once it gets really cold, the cycling shorts go in the closet and the cycling tights come out. These full-length tights wick sweat while keeping you warm and toasty. The back waist pocket keeps your phone handy and away from the bike seat.

There’s nothing worse than riding a bike with underwear soaked in sweat. The effect of foaming from a wet cloth can last for several days like a bad curse. Slap on some synthetic liner shorts under your pants to wick away sweat and stay comfortable.

Only a few colors are on sale. These half-finger gloves aren’t the best for very cold rides, but the gel padding will give your hands some comfort by cushioning them from the handlebars. Reviews warn that they last very little, so consider increasing the size.

miscellaneous deals

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Photo: Samsung

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This is the lowest price ever for the Galaxy S21 Ultra (8/10, Nerdshala Recommends). It’s one of the best Android phones in America with a really fun (and unmatched) camera system that lets you capture really distant objects with a 10x optical zoom.

This is our favorite bedside smart display. There’s no camera, so you don’t have to worry about prying eyes, and you can turn the microphone off with a physical switch. Not only does it show a clock, but you can set it to rotate photos in an album via Google Photos. Plus, you get all the benefits of the Google Assistant. Tell it to set alarms, reminders, general queries that you would type into Google.

The price on this streaming stick fluctuates frequently, but it’s one of the lowest prices we’ve seen lately. If you’ve always been watching movies and shows on Prime Video, this is the streaming stick you should use. The Alexa-enabled remote works well, and while you can watch non-Amazon content like Netflix and Hulu, know that this device largely supports all things Amazon.

These are some of our favorite wireless earbuds for working out. They’re wireless, but a cord runs between each earbud. This makes them last longer than the competition, and you can hang them around your neck while you’re working out.

Clip the on-page coupon for $5 before checkout. Clear your records! Dirt and grime accumulate in the grooves and can be stubborn to remove if you go too long between cleanings. This kit comes with a brush, air blower, cleaning solution and gel, and a cleaning cloth.

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