The 43 Best Early Black Friday Deals You Can Snag Now

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with this year With unprecedented shipping delays, holiday shoppers need all the help they can get. Early Black Friday deals are nothing new—it seems like retailers advertise “Black Friday sales” throughout the year—but now that we In fact Nearing official day, the name has some merit. Many stores are holding early Black Friday sales, with prices that actually pale in comparison to the lowest we’ve tracked. We’ve curated the best deals we’ve found below.

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We will update this story regularly and have more Black Friday coverage in the coming days. Our deals newsletter is a great way to stay up to date. Check out our Black Friday tips guide for advice on shopping wisely.

Updated November 23, 2021: We adjusted pricing and added a number of new deals, including some robot vacuums and some great smart home gear.

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Phone, Laptop & Headphone Deals

Google Pixel 5A.

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Photograph: Google


This is our favorite Android phone for most people (9/10, Nerdshala Recommends), and we can’t recommend it enough at this price. For $400, you’re getting an OLED screen, great performance to run most apps and games, class-leading cameras, and a battery that lasts a full two days. It has 5G, three years of software support, and even a headphone jack. Seriously, this is close to perfect.

best Buy

Our favorite high-end Android phone (9/10, Nerdshala Recommends) is out at a killer price just a month after its release. It’s powerful, has a 90-Hz OLED screen, a battery that lasts all day, and a camera system that rivals, if not more, the iPhone 13 Pro. This is without mentioning all of the Pixel’s smart software features (which you can read about here).

heroine, best Buy

For a good, cheap smartphone on the market, this is a solid pick. We’ve had issues with the Motorola phone, but it has incredible battery life (up to three days on a single charge), and performance is good. You won’t be impressed by the camera, but if you don’t need all the bells and whistles of a $1,000 glass slab, the Moto G Power is fine. Here is our full review.

heroine, best Buy

Two days of battery life, 5G connectivity and NFC support make it a better upgrade pick than the Moto G Power. That’s why it’s in our guide to the best Android phones. At first glance, the $30 discount might not seem like much, but it matches up with the best deal we’ve tracked for this smartphone.


The Nokia XR20 (7/10, Nerdshala Review) is a solid and affordable rugged phone that makes it a good choice for buyers who don’t want to go with one of the above discounted Google Pixel devices. It has wireless charging, a micro SD slot, and NFC support plus built-in water resistance, all wrapped up in a package that can be reasonably more expensive.

Acer Chromebook Spin 713.

Photo: Acer

best Buy

The Acer Chromebook Spin 713 is one of the best Chromebooks in the market. The beautiful display can be used as a tablet thanks to its two-in-one design, and the battery life will keep the machine running for hours (no matter what configuration is being used). It beats the other good deals we’ve tracked for this particular model.

heroine, best Buy

This recent price drop beats every other deal we’ve tracked for the Jabra Elite 85T (9/10, Nerdshala Recommends). These rugged earbuds have physical control buttons, built-in water resistance, active noise cancellation, and a two-year warranty. They are especially good for workouts.

aim, heroine

I (Laurin) own and love these headphones. I’ve had them for years. They’re not the latest or greatest, and they don’t have active noise cancellation, but they pair super fast with iOS devices, thanks to the W1 chip inside (Android users can pair just fine, too). I love the stylish look and comfortable ear cups, plus the signature bass-heavy beats equalization sounds especially great when listening to rap and metal.

heroine, walmart

This deal is one of the best we’ve tracked for these headphones/sunglasses. Bose Frames are excellent for tempo workouts, especially biking. You can read more about them in our guide to the best wireless workout headphones.

Samsung T7 Portable SSD.

Photo: Samsung

best Buy, Amazon ($130 for 1TB)

In our guide to the best portable storage drives, we highlight it as the best option in terms of speed. Transfer time is indiscriminately fast. Usually, the biggest drawback is its price, but this deal matches the low we’ve seen just once before (during last year’s holiday shopping season). Smaller size options are also on sale.

heroine, best Buy

Solid-state drives do not have moving parts, making them extra faster than hard disk drives. Such an internal SSD can be used to speed up your existing computer or future desktop. This price is $5 more than the lowest price tracked by Nerdshala.

heroine, best Buy

This is not your average hard drive. It’s an absolute powerhouse, a beefy behemoth used for big backup. We recommend it in our guide to the best external hard drives. It’s not fast, but that doesn’t mean it. You don’t need to go all out and get it in the greatest possible way; Other, smaller sizes are also on sale. Check out our guide on how to back up your digital life for more guidance.


Its newer, more attractive version, the Flex 5i, is featured in our guide to the best Chromebooks. While we like the 5i more, the Flex 5 is still a nice little machine, especially at this price. The 2-in-1 design gives you the option of using the laptop as a tablet, and the processing power is fine for schoolwork or anyone doing typical browsing.

best Buy

We generally like the Surface Laptop Go. The design is sleek and modern, the machine is light and portable, and battery life is decent. Our biggest concern is about the low-resolution display. For frequent commuters or remote workers who move from place to place, it’s still a solid option. See our Microsoft Surface Buying Guide for additional advice.

heroine, best Buy

The OnePlus 8T basically goes on sale every shopping holiday. This value compares to what we have seen during other seasonal events. The phone has a great display, good cameras and attractive aquamarine options. We think it’s usually overpriced, but this sale makes it even more delicious.

TV, Smart Home and Home Office Deals

Razer Kio Pro.

Photo: Amazon


The Razer Kio Pro is one of our favorite webcams, but it has a very high MSRP. That’s a much more reasonable price for this 1080p camera, and it’s even better than it was earlier in the week. It has a much bigger sensor than more affordable siblings, allowing it to deliver great picture quality, though you’ll need to fine-tune some settings in Razer’s Synapse app.

heroine, best Buy, Target ($50)

The Viper’s ambidextrous design allows for easy clicking, scrolling, and kitting, whether you’re a righty or a lefty. Its more expensive sibling made our list of the best gaming mice. Built-in RGB lighting and physical switches allow for more customization, and the small footprint won’t get in the way of what you do best: throwing away the entire game. (Is it just me?)

aim, heroine

Some members of the Nerdshala Gear team use and love this mouse. It’s basic, but the two side buttons allow for some customization, and the battery life it gets with a single, required AA battery is incredible. The design should also be comfortable enough for everyone. The price corresponds to the minimum that we have tracked. The G305 is featured in our work from home gear guide, along with many other great recommendations.

best Buy

This tiny smart display can show you the weather and time at a glance, and has Google Assistant built-in (though functionality is a bit compromised by the smaller 4-inch screen). We like the built-in USB-A port, which can be used to charge your other smart gadgets without having to lug a lot of cords at the bedside. This deal has come up several times, but it’s still a good way to upgrade your nightstand without spending a ton of cash.

aim, best Buy, bed Bath and Beyond

This is the best Google Smart Display for people who don’t want unnecessary cameras in their homes. The screen size works basically anywhere, from the kitchen counter to the nightstand to a table in the front entryway, and both the speaker and microphone are solid. Getting it at 50 percent off is a steal. Here is our in-depth review.

aim, heroine, best Buy

Facebook, as a company, has always been going through some kind of scandal. Its portal Go (8/10, Nerdshala Recommends) is an amazing and convenient dedicated video-calling…


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