The best Alexa devices of 2021

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It’s Simple: Alexa Still Dominates Everyone smart home integration. And with recent developments, allows even more impressive integrations from Amazon’s voice assistant smart thermostats To smart bulb,

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Last year, Amazon released dozens of new products And Alexa Featuresincluding our new favorites Amazon Echo Smart Speaker, But other companies are innovating too: Just last year, popular camera developer Wyze introduced the Wyz Cam v3, Wyz Cam Outdoor, Wyz Thermostat, Wyz Video Doorbell, Wyz Cam v3. Wyze Robot Vacuum, Wyze sprinkler controller and — unbelievably enough — Even more,

And to follow up on last year’s launch, Amazon released another round of smart home products During product fall On September 28, 2021. We took a first look at several new ring and Echo devices such as Ring Always Home Cam, ns AZ2 processor chip, ns astro robot And this echo show 15, We’ll update this list as we test those products, so check back periodically for the latest recommendations.


Here are the best of Alexa-compatible devices:

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Alexa Landscape

Amazon’s voice assistant makes it easy to control devices in your home, set timers, and track how long it’ll take to get to your office. But privacy has become a growing concern as smart speakers and displays grow in popularity.

report that Amazon keeps a copy of your voice conversationsUser privacy remains a concern, even after you delete an Alexa audio recording. Sen. Chris Koons, a Democrat from Delaware, Letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Seeking answers about Amazon’s Alexa user data and how it’s stored. Amazon has since introduced the “Alexa, delete everything I said today” feature, The tech giant says it’s also working on new methods For customers to remove their tapes.

For example, the Echo Show 8 comes with a built-in camera shutter, unlike earlier Echo Show devices.

Amazon is not alone. Facebook, Google, ring And other major tech companies have faced privacy issues of their own, raising questions about data usage.

Luckily Amazon and others are working to win back our trust. Have these privacy concerns deterred you from buying a voice assistant (Alexa or other)? Weigh in in the comments section below.

Still have questions? Read more about Alexa.

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