The best AT&T phone deals for September 2021: free iPhones, discounts, and more

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We’re rounding up all the best AT&T deals on one page here — including the latest Apple iPhone 13 devices. Yep — it’s that time of year and we have not one, not two, but four new Apple flagships to check out at AT&T. Of course, that’s all good if you’re not looking for iPhones; We’ve got the best AT&T deals on Android devices right here.

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AT&T deals are especially good if you’re adding new lines or switching carriers. With these offers, you can often save hundreds of dollars over the retail price of a new phone, and sometimes you can even get the phone for free. AT&T may not have quite the coverage of Verizon, but with these discounts and the generally cheap pricing of its plans, your savings can start to add up.

Typically, AT&T deals involve buying the phone on an installment plan and getting the data plan at a specific level (such as AT&T’s Unlimited Starter plan), then AT&T will give you a monthly discount for the value of the phone. . So, to get the most out of these deals, you’ll want to be prepared to stick with AT&T for a longer period—30 months, in fact, at which point you’ll receive the full discount.


So, keep those details in mind as we guide you through all the best AT&T phone deals. We’ll help you find the best savings on iPhones, Android phones, 5G phones, and even some of the accessories to go with them.

Want to see what other carriers are offering? See this week’s best cell phone deals. Alternatively, read more about Verizon with this week’s best AT&T plans and our recommendations for the best AT&T phones.

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  • There’s a new iPhone! iPhone 13 Pre-Order Deals go live on friday

The Best AT&T Deals Available Today

  • Free iPhone 13: Eligible with trade-in and new unlimited data plan
  • Apple iPhone 13: AT&T . Save up to $700 with trade-in and new plan
  • Apple iPhone 12: Save up to $700 with eligible trade-in and unlimited plans
  • Apple iPhone 11: $23.34 $10/month on AT&T with a new unlimited plan
  • Samsung Galaxy S21: Trade-in and save up to $800 with the new Unlimited plan
  • Samsung Galaxy A02s: $119.99 $69.99 with prepaid phone plan
  • Motorola One 5G Ace: $259.99 $129.99 with prepaid phone plan

AT&T iPhone Deals

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Apple iPhone 13 and 13 Mini: AT&T . Save up to $700 with trade-in and new plan
AT&T’s iPhone on the new 13 and 13 mini offers trade-in discounts of up to $700 on both devices—an amount that’s actually enough to cover the full cost of the 13 mini. This savings is generally in line with what we have come to expect from this carrier on recent launches and is indeed a very strong proposition for both the devices. There’s also a $200 discount available on AT&T on a new Apple Watch Series 7 when you buy two devices. Check out these same deals on the iPhone 13 Mini here.
Available Friday 16 September. View Deals

Apple iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max: Trade-in at AT&T and save up to $1,000 with the new plan
You Can Actually Get a New iPhone 13 Pro free And this week with AT&T’s launch promotion the 13 Pro Max for just $99. As always, trade-ins are the name of the game here and you’ll need to pick up your new device with a new unlimited data plan to be eligible. There’s also a $200 bonus savings available on the new Apple Watch Series 7 smartwatch this week when you buy two or more devices. Check out these same deals on iPhone 13 Pro Max here.
Available Friday 16 September.View Deals

Apple iPhone 12: Save up to $700 with eligible trade-ins and the Unlimited plan
If you’re looking for the latest Apple flagships, AT&T has a great trade-in offer on all iPhone 12 series right now. Trade in an eligible older device and pick up your new iPhone with a new unlimited data plan to get $700 off your phone bills in 30 months. Note, this AT&T deal is available on the iPhone 12 Mini, 12 Pro, and even the 12 Pro Max. View Deals

Apple iPhone 11: $23.34 $10/month on AT&T with a new unlimited plan
If you’re looking for a (relatively) modern Apple iPhone flagship on a budget, consider the AT&T deals on the iPhone 11. This device can be picked up right now for just $10 per month with a new unlimited data plan for new and existing. Customer. You can also trade-in for another $200 savings, though if you’re looking to trade in an older device, we’d probably recommend going for the iPhone 12 above, as the potential savings are huge. View Deals

Apple iPhone XR: Save up to $700 with trade-in and unlimited data plans
AT&T’s latest iPhone XR deal doesn’t specifically say that you can score yourself a device for free, but a potential $700 savings with a worthy trade-in is more than enough to cover the cost. should be more. Again, you’ll have to pick one with a new unlimited data line, but it’s a great all-around offer.

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AT&T Android Deals

Samsung Galaxy S21: Trade-in and save up to $800 with the new Unlimited plan
If you love Android devices, look no further than the latest AT&T deals on the Samsung Galaxy S21 series. These are the newest (and brightest) devices on the market, and you can get up to $800 in maximum savings with trade-ins right now if you’re buying them with a new unlimited plan. Note – This promotion is also available on the more premium Galaxy S21 Plus and Galaxy S21 Ultra devices. View Deals

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: Save up to $1,000 with eligible trade-in and new plan
You’ll also find excellent trade-in discounts with AT&T’s Galaxy Z Fold 3 deals this week. Just trade in that old device and pick up the Fold 3 with the new unlimited data plan, and AT&T will set you back upwards of $1,000 over 30 months. Also available on AT&T is the carrier’s Next-Up plan — an excellent service that will allow you to easily upgrade your device as soon as you pay no more than 50% in monthly installments. Note, this deal is also available on the Galaxy Z Flip 3. View Deals

Google Pixel 4a (5G): Save $200 With a Trade-In at AT&T
If you are looking for a sleek mid-range device then the Google Pixel 4a 5G is a great device that packs a great camera and 5G connectivity. Right now, nothing features AT&T deals very Special, unlike the ones featured on the iPhone SE, but you can still get a decent discount with the trade-in. Do this, and you’ll be able to score up to $200 off the total cost of this device. View Deals

Google Pixel 5: Save $200 With a Trade-In at AT&T
AT&T deals on the Google Pixel 5 aren’t surprising right now, most likely due to the popularity of this device, but you can do Still get yourself a small discount with the trade-in currently. If you’re looking for a discount with a new line, we’d recommend holding off on the Google Pixel 5 for now. View Deals

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AT&T prepaid phone deals

Samsung Galaxy A02s: $119.99 $69.99 AT&T . Feather
There’s another great cheap device with this week’s prepaid AT&T phone deals – the Samsung Galaxy A02S. With a 6.5-inch screen, it’s a full-size device, priced quite modestly. It’s also packing a 5,000mAh battery for longer charging times, and there’s even a camera system that rocks four lenses. For the price, it’s not bad at all. View Deals

Motorola One 5G Ace: $259.99 $129.99 AT&T . Feather
If you’ve made up your mind on 5G, AT&T deals on the Motorola One 5G ace are offering you some of the cheapest devices available on the market right now. At 50% off, you are getting a decent device here that not only has 5G compatibility but also a massive 5,000 mAh battery, 6.7-inch screen and 48MP camera system. View Deals

  • View All Prepaid Phone Deals AT&T. Feather

AT&T free phone deals

Apple iPhone 12 Mini: Free with eligible trade-ins and new unlimited plan
Total savings of up to $700 are on hold right now with AT&T’s first round of iPhone 12 mini deals — effectively giving you the ability to score a free device. To be eligible, you’ll need to trade-in an older device and buy your new one with a new unlimited plan, but you’ll get a massive 30 months discount if you do.
View Deals

Apple iPhone SE (2020): $16.66 Free with unlimited plans and trade-ins
We’ve already featured this special deal, though it just so happens to be the only free phone deal available on AT&T right now. Luckily it’s a great iPhone all around, and it could be your nothing with a worthy trade-in plus the new unlimited data plan.
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plan deals and discounts

AT&T Unlimited Data Plans: $35/month/line Add up to four lines with you
Phone service is better together, and AT&T makes it easy to get an affordable unlimited plan when you have an account with multiple users. If you put up to four lines on the Unlimited plan, you can only pay $35 per line. Getting a single plan alone will cost $65 per month. These plans also include access to 5G with compatible devices.
View Deals

AT&T Unlimited Data: Key worker and military exemption

Teachers, healthcare workers, military personnel, veterans, and first responders can save an additional $8 per line with AT&T’s special discount.
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AT&T Signature Program: check your eligibility
If you are an employee of an eligible company or a student at an eligible school or college, you may be entitled to AT&T’s Signature Program. Benefits include service discounts, discounts on phones and accessories, and even steep activation fees.
View Deals

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secondary deals

Apple Watch: Free Apple Watch SE when you buy two
Buy two Apple Watches with at least one new line, and AT&T will currently gift you a brand new Apple Watch SE for absolutely free. While it’s not as cheap as it sounds, it’s still a nice little freebie if you were thinking about getting an Apple Watch on AT&T anyway. View Deals

Samsung Galaxy Watch: Buy a watch, get $450 a second
It’s not just AT&T offering Apple devices right now, those who love Samsung can also currently get huge discounts on the Galaxy Watch. Buy a Samsung Galaxy Watch on AT&T and activate at least one line to get $450 off another device. View Deals

AT&T Accessories Deals: Save 30%…

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