You just finished your Thanksgiving turkey—can you really bother to get up and check who’s ringing your doorbell? With this Ring Video Doorbell deal from Amazon, bringing the price up to $41.99 instead of the usual $59.99 price, you won’t have to.

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Instead, you can live out your lazy-ass dreams by checking in on the video feed of a Web-connected doorbell on your phone, tablet, or screen-connected Alexa device, whether it’s an Amazon Fire TV Stick or Echo Show.

It’s another Black Friday classic—there’s no point in buying a PlayStation Plus subscription at any other point in the year, as this deal proves. Get 12 months of access to PlayStation’s online subscription service (which opens up online multiplayer and throws in a handful of free games per month) for just $39.99 from Amazon. It’s $20 cheaper than usual, and remember that you can stack purchases with these digital codes, allowing you to stock up for years at a discounted price.


Get a little chattier with your TV for the Amazon Fire Stick 4K Max, a steal on Amazon for just $34.99.

With an Alexa voice assistant and microphone built into the remote, this tiny streaming dongle connects services like Netflix, Disney Plus, and HBO Max to your TV, as well as serving as a focal point of control for your smart home products, such as TV and TV. Wi-Fi connected lights, doorbells and plug sockets.

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With Wi-Fi 6 support and a new processor, it’s a fast, responsive dongle at a nearly pocket-money price.

Get creative with your iPad with the latest generation of Apple Pencil. It’s rare to see Apple-branded gear getting significant discounts, but the 23% savings here drop $30 off the normal price, bringing the stylus down to $99 on Amazon.

Making sketches a doodle (or should that be a doodle?), the new Apple Pencil is better than its predecessor with a more reliable battery and a handy magnetic charging system that keeps the pen safe and powered.

Next up, a Black Friday classic — the old faithful, Roku Streaming Stick 4K. Making an otherwise-dumb TV smart, it plugs into the HDMI port on your TV and gives you access to streaming services from Apple TV to Disney Plus, Netflix, and more.

They’re always relatively affordable, but Amazon is slashing the price by 42% for Black Friday, bringing the latest 4K model down to an impulsive $29. Don’t be deterred by that low price either – Roku sticks are fast, user-friendly, and worth every penny.

Let’s go first, for the most popular product we’ve seen our readers buy — and surprisingly it’s the old Amazon Echo Dot, down to just $19.99 in Black Friday sales because Amazon does that and no one else. Also and makes everyone dirt cheap equipment during the sale period.

It’s the most bought product of all time, so if you’re looking for a super simple way to make your home smart-enabled, this is the quick and easy way to do it.