The best Disney Plus bundles: Hulu, ESPN+, Star, and global offers compared

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As value for money goes, it’s hard to beat the best Disney Plus bundles. In addition to getting your hands on everything Disney, you’re also getting access to other streaming services that offer something that Disney can’t.

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America’s offer with Disney Plus, Hulu and ESPN Plus for $13.99 per month is a good example. Because Hulu offers adult-focused content like Killing Eve and Brooklyn 99, it’s a great companion service to the more family-friendly Disney Plus bundles. Meanwhile, ESPN throws in countless games to create a package of something for everyone. Unless someone has a heart of stone, anyway.

With 4K content that costs $7.99 a month as a standard Disney Plus sign-up, that’s not bad at all. By comparison, a 4K Netflix account on its own will set you back $17.99p/m.


Want to see what deals are available in your area? Curious about whether those offers are worth it? We’ve put together a global guide on Disney Plus bundles so you can find the best-value packages with as much – or as little – extras as you like.

Disney Plus Bundle – USA

Just want Disney Plus on its own and not bundled with any extras? Rolling sits on a one month subscription $7.99 per month, and you’re free to cancel (or upgrade to the Disney Plus bundle above, if you prefer) at any time you like. Now that the free trial of Disney Plus has been canceled, it’s the next best option for those looking to save cash.

Disney Plus Bundle – UK

Disney Plus Hotstar Bundle – India

Disney Plus Bundles – Frequently Asked Questions

Are Disney Plus Bundles Worth It?

Despite costing a bit more, Disney Plus bundles are better value for money than other deals (as long as you’re interested in the extras they offer). That’s because add-ons fill a gap in Disney’s own programming.

A good case-in-point proposal would be Disney Plus, Hulu and ESPN Plus for $13.99 per month. Where Disney hits it out of the park with blockbuster entertainment for families, Hulu covers more mature content. ESPN then alleges infringement with the game. This is the perfect marriage; As we mentioned in our Disney Plus review, those are the weak spots for House of Mouse’s streaming service, so it’s all well balanced.

The same is true of the UK’s Disney Plus/Star mashup. Because Disney’s offering is quite PG, the mature content provided by Star compliments it very well.

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