The best Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade floats: Baby Yoda, Boss Baby, Goku and more

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Hello, it is me, a very confused non-American, from the far land of Australia writing to say that Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade And it features some really awesome, very big, balloon versions of some of your favorite characters.

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I decided to collect some of them here so that you can see them.

let’s start with…

Baby Yoda / Yellow


This is Baby Yoda. A giant awesome Baby Yoda.

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Here’s a terrifying, giant baby from Yoda Mandalorian, (We’re calling him Baby Yoda because that’s what everyone calls him. Grogu is like a nickname you make up when you’re a kid and nobody uses it because you can’t make up your own nickname.)

Also here is some footage of him floating dangerously on the streets.

boss baby

Getty Images-1355521145

It gives off real Boss Baby vibes.

The above image will haunt me in my dreams now. Jesus wept.

Here’s a better image of the scale of this fully armed Boss Baby.

Getty Images-1355538175

“Boss Baby… Boss Baby… Boss Baby…”

And finally, to spread panic in the house, crowd of people are chanting mindlessly, Boss baby… Boss baby… Boss baby…

I think I understand Macy’s Parade now.


Getty Images-1355540567

I like this shot. Just the demonic Goku peeping into the corner.

Goku! Guys, we have a giant Goku here! Maybe Netflix can give us a solid job next year and a Giant Luffy Float in Time for Netflix Live Action Show, That’s what will rule.

Apparently this is his third appearance at the parade?

Sonic the Hedgehog

Getty Images-1355537701

My Spicy Take is the recent Sonic movie that really reigned.

Posting this because every day my son asks me when will Sonic 2 (yes film) come.

Sonic is going on here…

There’s just something so fun about watching these things float in the sky. If I lived in America I would 100% go to Macy’s Parade.

pikachu and ewe

Getty Images-1355518655

Pikachu is a regular.

What I didn’t know until writing this post: Pikachu is a regular at Macy’s parade. He has the fourth highest performance? Wild.

This time he brings fellow Pokémon Eevee along for the ride.

Spongebob Squarepants

Getty Images-1355537735

Hey this guy is SpongeBob SquareBob.

Fish-Eye Lens RPG?

Fish-Eye Lens RPG.

OK, I guess we’ll end this nightmare right where it is. Thanks for reading and sharing in Horror.

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